Adjectives for Measure

Adjectives For Measure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing measure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using different adjectives with the noun 'measure' can significantly alter the conveyed meaning, elevating your text's precision and impact. Descriptors such as 'large,' 'great,' and 'full' emphasize the extent or capacity, painting a picture of abundance or significance. In contrast, 'small' underscores limitation or modesty, often to highlight precision or the lack thereof. 'Good' and 'important' frame the measure in terms of value or necessity, guiding the reader's perception towards the significance or quality of the subject. Each adjective intricately nuances the concept of 'measure,' offering a spectrum of interpretation that enriches communication. Discover the full range of adjectives to perfectly qualify 'measure' in your writing below.
largeA large measure of success can be attributed to hard work.
greatThe success of the project was due in great measure to the hard work of the team.
goodThey added a few extra for good measure
fullHe had lived a full measure of days.
smallThey had only a small measure of success.
importantThe project management team decided to incorporate an important measure to avoid delays.
certainThe plan worked with a certain measure of success.
greaterTo a greater measure the student was not prepared for the exam.
temporaryDue to the power outage, the installation of the new software was only a temporary measure
commonWe need to find the common measure of these two fractions.
equalShe possessed both intelligence and beauty in equal measure
singleThe single measure taken by the government was not enough to solve the problem.
considerableThe company's success was due in considerable measure to its innovative marketing strategies.
directWe used a direct measure to calculate the distance.
preventiveWearing a hard hat is a preventive measure against head injury.
quantitativeThe quantitative measure of the project's success was determined by the number of participants who completed the survey.
accurateThe accurate measure of the ingredients ensures the consistent flavor of the dish.
bestThe best measure of a person's character is how they treat those who can do nothing for them.
precautionaryWe took a series of precautionary measures to prevent further spread of the virus.
usefulThe reports of his skill proved to be a useful measure of his competence.
appropriateThe court took appropriate measures to ensure the defendant's rights were protected.
objectiveThe objective measure of success is customer satisfaction.
largerThe larger measure of her success was the love and respect of her family.
betterWe need better measures to protect the environment.
fairShe gave us a fair measure of rice.
standardWe should use the standard measure for this experiment.
effectiveThe effective measure was to reduce costs and increase productivity.
reliableThe test is a reliable measure of the student's knowledge.
roughThe rough measure of the crowd was about 1000 people.
properShe made sure to take proper measure of the ingredients.
validThe vote was counted as a valid measure for the public.
exactThe exact measure of the surface area of the sphere is 4πr².
relativeThe relative measure of poverty is determined by comparing the income of a family or individual to the median income of the area in which they live.
absoluteThe absolute measure of the temperature was 273.15 Kelvin.
protectiveThe government has implemented a series of protective measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
indirectThe indirect measure of the student's intelligence was his ability to solve complex problems.
extremeThe police were forced to take extreme measure when the suspect became violent.
adequateThe government took adequate measures to ensure the safety of its citizens.
reasonableThe company took all reasonable measures to protect customer data.
fullestI gave it my fullest measure
substantialHe contributed a substantial measure of time and effort to the project.
dependentThe dependent measure was the number of errors made on the task.
prophylacticAs a prophylactic measure the doctor prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.
therapeuticThe therapeutic measure was effective in reducing the patient's symptoms.
overallThe overall measure of the new system is much better than the old one.
statisticalThe statistical measure of the data set is the mean.
interimThe board of directors adopted an interim measure to address the financial crisis.
necessaryThe manager implemented several necessary measures to improve the department's efficiency.
defensiveThe company implemented new defensive measures to protect against cyber attacks.
sensitiveDetermination of chloride sensitive measures for supporting Pichia anomala.
alternativeWe had to resort to alternative measures when our initial plan failed.
preciseThe ingredients were added in precise measure
drasticThe drastic measure was necessary to avoid a catastrophe.
compositeThe composite measure was used to evaluate the performance of the students.
crude"Ella decided to paint the entire house herself as a crude measure to scare off any interested buyers."
largestThe largest measure of the tree was its trunk.
dueThe teacher decided to give due measure to each student's effort.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive measure will provide a complete and thorough understanding of the issue.
reportThe report measured the average time spent on each task.
convenientHe used a rather convenient measure to conduct the survey and collect feedback.
linearThe linear measure of the side of the table is 20 inches.
legislativeThe legislative measure was passed by a majority vote.
numericalThe numerical measure was used to quantify the results.
satisfactoryThe response met with a satisfactory measure of approval from the audience.
extraShe went the extra measure to help her friend.
desperateAs a desperate measure the government imposed martial law.
wiseTaking precautions to prevent accidents is a wise measure

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