Adjectives for Medical

Adjectives For Medical

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing medical, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'medical' profoundly affects the nuance of your sentence, revealing the context or the specific aspect of the medical field you are referring to. For instance, 'non-medical' might imply practices or advice not officially recognized by the medical community, while 'physio-medical' focuses on treatments through physical therapy. Describing something as 'major medical' often suggests significant, possibly emergency, medical interventions. 'Military medical' brings to mind healthcare services within the armed forces, emphasizing the discipline and specific conditions treated therein. Socio-medical and bio-medical, on the other hand, highlight the impacts of society and biology on health, respectively. Each adjective opens a new dimension of interpretation, enriching the conversation around healthcare. Explore our full list of adjectives below to discover more intricate details and applications in medical discussions.
nonThis is a non medical topic.
physioPhysio medical professionals are experienced in treating a variety of conditions.
majorThe patient's major medical insurance covered the cost of the surgery.
militaryThe military medical staff was on standby for any emergencies.
socioSocio medical issues are complex and require a multidisciplinary approach.
bioWith the aid of bio medical tools, we can now probe deep into the human body.
generalThe doctor specializes in general medical practices.
botanicoEl botanico medical es una ciencia que estudia las plantas medicinales.
neuroNeuro medical advancements were rapid in the new millennium.
legalThe legal medical office is responsible for handling all matters related to death or injury as it pertains to the legal system.
surgicalThe patient underwent surgical medical intervention to correct the issue.
clinicalDr. Smith is an experienced clinical medical doctor.
psychoThe patient's psycho medical history was reviewed by the attending physician.
religioThe religio medical model sees illness as a result of sin.
electroThe electro medical equipment is used to diagnose and treat patients.
dentalHave you made an appointment for your dental medical checkup this month?
historicalThe historical medical treatment of smallpox involved the use of variolation.
physicoThe physico medical system flourished from 1850 to the turn of the century.
biologicalThe biological medical samples were collected and analyzed to provide conclusive results.
britishThe British medical Journal published a study on the health benefits of green tea.
bostonI am going to Boston medical Center tomorrow.
currentAlthough current medical diagnosis contains a high proportion of interpretive elements, techniques like personalized medicine require more data-based decision-making.
questA quest medical representative handed out free flu shots at the pharmacy.
paraThe para medical team arrived quickly at the scene of the accident.
miscellaneousThe untidy room was filled with miscellaneous medical supplies.
callPlease call medical immediately.
westernWestern medical treatments are highly effective in treating some conditions.
partHer parents were part medical part theatrical.
makeThe doctor can make medical decisions on your behalf if you're unable to do so.
newestThe newest medical technology has arrived.
regularI have a regular medical checkup every year.
royalThe royal medical team worked tirelessly to save the king's life.
nursingNursing medical staff are responsible for providing care to patients.
vierordtVierordt medical is a manufacturer of medical equipment.
someHe was waken by some medical staff.
oxfordOxford medical is a world leader in medical publishing.
nativeNative medical plants have been used in herbal medicine for centuries.
philippineThe Philippine medical Association is a professional organization of physicians in the Philippines.
historicoThe historico medical term for a stethoscope is the 'pectoriloquy'
seniorHe appointed two senior medical staff for the research.
extraThe hospital provided extra medical assistance to the patient.
regionalWe received regional medical approval to conduct the trial.
pharmacoThe pharmaco medical industry is a rapidly growing field that is constantly evolving.
illinoisIllinois medical is a top-rated health insurance provider in the state of Illinois.
alternativeShe prefers alternative medical treatments to conventional medicine.
healthDo you have any past or present health medical conditions?
marocMaroc medical provides a wide range of medical services and products.
buffaloBuffalo medical School students and faculty collaborate to improve healthcare in the community.
prestigiousThe prestigious medical conference drew renowned doctors from around the world.
edinburghThe University of Edinburgh medical School is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in the world.
autopsyThe autopsy medical report will be available next week.
1945The 1945 medical advance was remarkable.
forensicThe forensic medical evidence proved his guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.
hospitalThe hospital medical staff were very attentive.
3rdThe medical team conducted its 3rd medical outreach program in the rural village.
veterinaryThe veterinarian performed a thorough veterinary medical examination on the dog.
concurrentThe patient is currently receiving concurrent medical treatment for their condition.

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