Adjectives for Medium

Adjectives For Medium

Discover the perfect adjectives for 'medium' used in diverse contexts. Our comprehensive guide includes descriptors like 'new', 'liquid', 'free', and 'porous'. Enhance your vocabulary with examples showcasing each adjective in a sentence, tailored for writers, students, and professionals aiming for precision in their communication. Explore now and find the ideal adjective for 'medium'.

newWith the advent of the internet, many new mediums have emerged for communication and information sharing.
liquidThe bacteria were cultured in a liquid medium
freeThe psychic offered a free medium reading.
porousThe porous medium absorbs the liquid very quickly.
freshThe scientist used a fresh medium to culture the bacteria.
happyThe happy medium was found somewhere in the middle.
interstellarThe interstellar medium is the matter and radiation that occupies the space between stars in a galaxy.
solidThe cells grew on a solid medium
suitableThe artist searched for a suitable medium to express her creativity.
onlyThe class had only medium students.
externalThe external medium was used to store the data.
homogeneousLight travels in a homogeneous medium in a straight line.
alkalineThe enzyme is most active in an alkaline medium
lowThe bedroom lighting was set to a low medium brightness.
minimalE. coli can grow well in a minimal medium which contains only essential nutrients.
transparentLight travels faster in a transparent medium than in an opaque medium.
completeThe complete medium contains all the nutrients required for cell growth.
syntheticScientists have created a synthetic medium that can support the growth of bacteria.
selectiveWe used a selective medium to grow bacteria resistant to ampicillin.
excellentThe psychic was an excellent medium for communicating with the departed.
bestHe is the best medium in the area.
physicalOur physical medium is a collection of data and information.
appropriateThe appropriate medium for conveying this information would be through a formal letter.
basalThe cells were grown in a basal medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum.
elasticThe elastic medium vibrated at a high frequency.
conditionedConditioned medium is a culture medium that has been conditioned by cells.
idealThe photographs reveal what the ideal medium for this storytelling would have been.
effectiveThe effective medium approximation provides a simple way to estimate the effective properties of a composite material.
activeThe laser diode consists of an active medium sandwiched between two mirrors.
powerfulJournalism is considered to be a powerful medium for social change.
infiniteThe infinite medium was a vast expanse of nothingness, stretching out into the darkness like an endless void.
isotropicThe isotropic medium has the same properties in all directions.
visualThe visual medium of photography captures moments in time and space.
continuousThe continuous medium was modeled as a viscoelastic material.
denseThe dense medium obscured our view of the underwater reef.
denserLight travels more slowly through a denser medium
popularPhotography is a popular medium for capturing moments and preserving memories.
standardThe researcher used a standard medium to grow the bacteria.
dielectricThe dielectric medium between the plates of a capacitor prevents the flow of current.
properThe proper medium for the message is an email.
artisticArtists can express their creativity through various artistic mediums.
richThe rich medium of the Internet allows for a variety of ways to communicate.
principalThe principal medium of heat transfer in a solid is heat conduction.
electronicInformation about the NASA spacecraft was delivered through an electronic medium
literaryThe novel is a popular literary medium
universalMusic is a universal medium that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.
neutralThe suspension was put in a neutral medium to prevent further reaction.
perfectThe painting was the perfect medium for expressing the artist's emotions.
opaqueThe opaque medium blocked the passage of light.
magneticData on the magnetic medium can be easily erased by strong magnetic fields.
sterileThe sterile medium was used to grow the bacteria-free cells.
extracellularThe extracellular medium contains a variety of molecules that are essential for cell growth and function.
gaseousThe gaseous medium was composed of helium and nitrogen.
acidicThe acidic medium had a corrosive effect on the metal.
artificialThe cells in the artificial medium grew rapidly.
chiefThe chief medium was able to contact the spirits of the departed.
essentialBacteria require an essential medium to grow.
convenientWith the Internet as the most convenient medium people are now able to access a variety of information at their fingertips.
aqueousDissolving salts in an aqueous medium allow them to separate into positively and negatively charged ions.
soleThe sole medium to garner a new perspective was through the introspection of his own experiences.
complexThe complex medium of the Internet allows for the dissemination of information to a global audience.
modifiedThe modified medium was used to isolate the bacteria.
uniformThe waves traveled through the uniform medium of water.
preferredThe preferred medium for watercolors is paper.
nonlinearThe researchers found that the nonlinear medium significantly alters the dynamics of the system.
anisotropicThe anisotropic medium exhibited a strong dependence of its refractive index on the polarization of the incident light.
interplanetaryThe interplanetary medium is the space between planets.
viscousThe movement of the object was hindered by the viscous medium
linguisticThe linguistic medium through which the message is communicated is also important.

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