Adjectives for Meeting

Adjectives For Meeting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing meeting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a meeting profoundly shapes the reader's understanding and expectations. A first meeting imbues a sense of new beginnings and opportunities, while an annual meeting conveys tradition and regularity. The next meeting suggests anticipation and planning ahead, whereas a public meeting opens the door to communal engagement and transparency. Conversely, the last meeting might hint at conclusions or finality. A general meeting, in contrast, introduces a broader, more inclusive context. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, delving deeper into the implications and atmosphere surrounding the event. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives and their nuanced impacts on the perception of meetings below.
firstI remember our first meeting like it was yesterday.
annualThe annual meeting of the board of directors will be held on Thursday.
nextThe next meeting will be held on Tuesday at 2 PM.
publicThe public meeting was held at the local library.
lastWe discussed the project in detail at our last meeting
generalThe general meeting will be held on Tuesday at 10am in the conference room.
secondWe had a second meeting to finalize the details.
specialThe board held a special meeting to discuss the proposed changes.
regularThe regular meeting is held every month.
jointMembers of the finance and accounting departments will be attending a joint meeting this afternoon to discuss the quarterly budget.
initialThe initial meeting was conducted on July 15, 2023 at 8:00 PST
monthlyWe had our monthly meeting last Tuesday.
thirdShe mentioned something about her third meeting with him.
secretThe secret meeting was held in a hidden room at the back of the building.
finalAll executives will attend the final meeting on Thursday.
weeklyWe have a weekly meeting with all team members.
privateWe have to have a private meeting to discuss the upcoming project.
recentI discussed the project in our recent meeting
yearlyThe yearly meeting of the shareholders was held at the company's headquarters.
previousI want to follow up on our previous meeting
quarterlyThe quarterly meeting will be held next week.
formalThere was a formal meeting between the two companies to discuss the merger.
subsequentThe subsequent meeting was held in the same location.
bigThere was a big meeting this morning about the new project.
plenaryThe plenary meeting featured presentations from experts in the field.
openThe board will host an open meeting regarding policy updates.
informalThe team huddled for an informal meeting to discuss the project's next steps.
townThe town meeting was held in the town square.
dayThe day meeting was productive.
inauguralThe inaugural meeting of the new committee will be held next week.
fourthThey had their fourth meeting at the local coffee shop.
preliminaryThe preliminary meeting was held to discuss the project's goals and objectives.
briefThe team had a brief meeting to discuss the project plan.
massThe mass meeting was held in the park.
extraordinaryThe CEO called for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the company's financial performance.
faceI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "face meeting".
ministerialThe ministerial meeting was attended by all the foreign ministers of the region.
organizationalThe organizational meeting for the new club was held on Tuesday afternoon.
happyIt was a happy meeting where everyone shared their laughter and positive energy.
biennialThe biennial meeting will be held at the convention center next week.
fifthWhen we had the fifth meeting our project plan was approved by the manager.
historicThe historic meeting lasted for hours.
unexpectedThe unexpected meeting at the coffee shop led to a new friendship.
hourThe hour meeting was very productive.
regionalRepresentatives from each department will attend the regional meeting
niceIt was nice meeting you.
protractedThe protracted meeting ran for hours, leaving the attendees exhausted.
accidentalWe had an accidental meeting at the farmer's market
executive"We need to schedule an executive meeting to discuss the latest developments.
levelThe team had a level meeting to discuss the plans for the next quarter.
sixthThe sixth meeting of the committee was held on Tuesday.
forthcomingI've already added that detail to the agenda of the forthcoming meeting
urgentThe CEO called an urgent meeting about the declining sales.
preparatoryThe preparatory meeting is scheduled for next week.
solemnThe solemn meeting of the council was held in the grand hall.
crucialThe crucial meeting was scheduled for the next morning.
seventhThe seventh meeting was held in a small conference room.
5thHe has been looking forward to the 5th meeting

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