Adjectives for Member

Adjectives For Member

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing member, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'member' can significantly alter the nuance of your message, painting a more vivid picture of the individual's role, status, or level of involvement. Describing someone as an 'honourable member' elevates their standing, suggesting respect and dignity within a group or organization. An 'active member,' on the other hand, emphasizes their level of participation and contribution. Referring to someone as a 'new member' highlights their recent addition to the group, while 'only member' points out their unique status. Finally, 'former member' indicates a past association, hinting at stories of involvement that once were. Delving into these adjectives opens up a world of descriptive possibilities. Explore the full list of adjectives used with 'member' to hone your message to perfection.
honourableI am pleased to introduce the honourable member for Wentworth, Mr Malcolm Turnbull.
honorableThe honorable member from California rose to speak.
activeThe active member participated in all the meetings.
newWe are happy to welcome our new member to the team.
onlyThe only member of the team who was absent was John.
formerThe former member of the band has gone on to have a successful solo career.
individualEach individual member of the team made a valuable contribution to the project's success.
seniorThe senior member of the team has been working on this project for over 10 years.
prominentThe prominent member of the club gave a memorable speech.
singleThis LLC has a single member and is a single entity.
honoraryShe was made an honorary member of the society.
thirdHe was the third member of the team to arrive.
foundingSarah is a founding member of our women's group.
fullHe is a full member of the team since the beginning.
importantThe important member of the team is the manager.
maleThe male member is a part of the human body.
youngestSarah, the youngest member of the team, was only 16 years old.
privateThe private member remained aloof from the party.
juniorThe junior member of the team was eager to prove his worth.
distinguishedThe distinguished member of the royal family was greeted with a warm reception.
permanentChina is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
oldestThe oldest member of the family is 90 years old.
femaleThe female member has worked at the company for 20 years.
influentialShe was an influential member of the community.
correspondingThe corresponding member joined the meeting and discussed the new findings.
usefulHe is a useful member of the team.
timeThe time member Tom, has been an active member of the club for over ten years.
averageThe average member of the group was 25 years old.
fellowI am a fellow member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
regularHe was in attendance at the annual meeting as a regular member
structuralStructural members are the components of a structure that carry loads.
respectedThe respected member gave a speech that was both informative and inspiring.
rankingThe ranking member of the committee is a respected expert on the issue.
fourthThe fourth member of the team arrived late.
associateThe associate member was not allowed to vote on the proposal.
keyJohn was a key member of the team.
upperThe upper member of the mammalian limb is divided into the arm, forearm, and hand.
ordinaryThe ordinary member of the club received a discount.
typicalThe typical member has two children and one bicycle.
valuableHe is a valuable member of our team.
independentThe independent member of the board voted against the merger.
responsibleThe responsible member of the team made sure that everyone had a clear understanding of their roles.
loyalHe has been a loyal member of our organization for over a decade.
conservativeThe conservative member of the board voted against the new policy.
electedThere are 12 elected members on the council.
liberalThe liberal member of the committee raised several objections to the proposed bill.
newestThe newest member of the team is a highly skilled engineer.
faithfulThe faithful member attended church every Sunday.
handI broke my hand member playing football.
powerfulThe powerful member of the group led the charge.
horizontalThe horizontal member of the truss is called the top chord.
fledgedShe became a full-fledged member of the society after completing her studies.
fifthThe fifth member of the team was a skilled strategist.
worthyThe worthy member of the society was honored with a grand ceremony.
alternateThe alternate member of the committee was invited to attend the meeting in case of any absences.
executiveThe executive member addressed the audience with great enthusiasm.
deceasedThe deceased member's family would like to invite friends to the memorial.
republicanThe republican member of the committee voted against the bill.
officioThe officio member was responsible for overseeing the meeting.
soleThe sole member of the club was the president.
prospectiveWe are pleased to welcome our prospective member John Doe.
dominantThe dominant member of the group is the one with the most authority.
youngerI am the younger member of my family.
verticalThe vertical members of the truss are made of steel.
largestThe largest member of the group was a giant squid.
knownHe is a known member of the criminal syndicate.
eldestThe eldest member of the family celebrated his 90th birthday.
illThe ill member of the team was unable to participate in the game.
respectableThe respectable member of society was well-known for his generosity and kindness.
productiveShe is a productive member of the community.

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