Adjectives for Members

Adjectives For Members

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing members, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Adding adjectives to the noun 'members' can significantly alter the nuance of your message, highlighting various aspects from quantity to uniqueness. Descriptors like 'other' and 'new' can specify familiarity or freshness, respectively, while 'many' and 'several' quantitatively accentuate the size or inclusivity of a group. 'Individual' emphasizes the unique qualities or contributions of members within a collective. Meanwhile, using 'most' can denote a majority or a comparison of significance among members. Each adjective chosen paints a distinctive picture, affecting perception and communication effectiveness. Explore the full list below to delve into the rich variety of nuances each adjective brings when paired with 'members'.
otherAll other members of his family were also musical.
manyThe committee consisted of many members
individualThe individual members of the team are all highly skilled.
newThe new members of the team are very enthusiastic.
severalSeveral members of the group were present at the meeting.
mostMost members or their spouses attended the reunion.
variousPoliticians with various members of their families were present at the gathering.
activeThe football club has over 200 active members
youngerThe younger members of the club were full of enthusiasm and ideas.
familyMy family members are always there for me.
formerThe former members of the band reunited for a special performance.
maleThe male members of the club gathered for their weekly meeting.
olderThe club has many benefits for its members, especially the older members
seniorThe senior members of the team took the lead in the project.
honorableThe honorable members of the council voted on the proposal.
honourableThe honourable members of the assembly convened for a special session.
prominentFour prominent members of the group were charged with criminal conspiracy.
originalWe lost few original members during the move
femaleThe female members of the group met for lunch yesterday.
permanentThe five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
fellowWe warmly welcomed our newest members and encouraged them to engage with their fellow members
structuralUsing this method, the structural members are selected for their minimum unit weight.
keyThe key members of the team are John, Mary, and Bob.
additionalThe club elected three additional members to its board of directors.
organizationalOrganizational members are essential for the success of any organization.
foundingThe founding members of the club met last night to discuss plans for the upcoming year.
influentialThe influential members of the society gathered for the annual meeting.
ordinaryThe library is open to all ordinary members
officialThe official members of the club were announced yesterday.
potentialThe membership committee will carefully evaluate all potential members
tribalThe tribal members gathered for a traditional ceremony.
regularThe club has 100 regular members
irishThe Irish members of the parliament voted against the proposal.
timeThe time members were late for the meeting.
conservativeThe conservative members of the party were not pleased with the outcome of the vote.
honoraryThe organization welcomed several honorary members
juniorThe junior members of the team excelled beyond expectations.
distinguishedI am honored to address such a gathering of distinguished members
boardThe board members were all in agreement.
prospectiveThe organization is currently reviewing applications from prospective members
republicanThe House has 212 Republican members
democraticThe democratic members of the committee voted in favor of the bill.
associateThe group includes associate members as well.
groupThe group members decided to meet on Saturday.
extendedHer extended members are always welcome in her house.
unofficialThe unofficial members of the council were also invited to the meeting.
absentThe absent members will have their votes counted.
deceasedAmong the deceased members of the club are three former presidents.
fileThe file members are responsible for managing the contents of a file.
officioThe male students took a vote and chose their football team's officio members
affectedThe affected members are entitled to compensation.
communistThe communist members participated in the political discussion.
nominatedThe nominated members of the committee convened for an urgent meeting.
loyalOur loyal members have been with us for years.
cooperativeThe cooperative members worked together to achieve their goals.
elderlyThe elderly members of the community were honored at the annual luncheon.
rankingThe ranking members of the committee released a statement.

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