Adjectives for Membership

Adjectives For Membership

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing membership, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a membership can significantly impact the perceived value and engagement level it represents. A total membership might imply inclusivity or a sum of all parts, while a full membership suggests a complete range of benefits available to members. An active membership indicates participation and vitality within the group, whereas an entire membership encompasses every individual without exception. The size, hinted at by a large membership, can influence the sense of community or power. Additionally, the term present membership highlights the current standing or attendance. Each adjective, therefore, subtly shapes the narrative around membership, weaving a richer, more descriptive story. Explore the full array of adjectives that unlock the complexities of membership dynamics below.
totalThe total membership of the club is 100.
fullUpon obtaining full membership the country's economy flourished.
entireThe entire membership voted in favor of the proposal.
largeThe organization has a large membership
presentThe present membership is over 100,000.
honoraryThe club awarded her honorary membership for her years of service.
generalThe general membership approved the new bylaws.
individualEach member of the committee holds individual membership
averageThe average membership of the club is over 100 people.
britishI can't comment on British membership of the European Union.
ethnicUnderstanding one's ethnic membership can be an important part of their identity.
formalThe organization requires formal membership for access to certain benefits.
commonThe two organizations share common membership
compulsoryCompulsory membership in the organization is required for all employees.
nationalThe club has a national membership of over 100,000 people.
organizationalHis organizational membership made it easy for him to network with people in his field.
associateThe organization offered an associate membership to students.
actualThe group's actual membership is still unknown.
voluntaryThe club was open to anyone with voluntary membership
limitedThe club has a limited membership of 50 people.
permanentThe Security Council consists of 15 members, five of which have permanent membership
currentThe current membership of the club is over 500.
femaleThe female membership of the club has been increasing in recent years.
continuedContinued membership includes access to all of our exclusive content.
largestThe club with the largest membership is very busy on weekends.
largerThe organization is looking to expand its larger membership
originalThe committee held an election to fill the vacant positions in its original membership
dualThe committee members who have dual membership will meet to discuss the matter.
classThe marketing team uses class membership to segment their customers.
openThe organization has an open membership policy, welcoming people from all backgrounds.
aggregateThe aggregate membership of the club is over 500 people.
initialThe organization has an initial membership of 50 people.
corporateThe company's corporate membership in the organization provides access to exclusive resources.
annualYou can become a member of the group for an annual membership fee.
potentialThe organization is currently reviewing potential membership applications.
diverseThey showed photos and spoke about the diverse membership of their church congregation.
regularHer regular membership in the club was her only solace.
racialThis genealogy study analyzes the effect of racial membership on cardiovascular health.
communistA communist membership is a type of political affiliation.
universalThis method employs a Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solver to create an efficient SAT-based algorithm with universal membership
culturalTheir cultural membership influenced their decision to move.
multipleJames holds multiple membership in various clubs across the region.
mereHe rejected the mere membership of the group.
professionalI joined the professional membership of the American Marketing Association to advance my marketing career.
unionThe union membership has been declining for years.
eventualThe eventual membership of the European Union is one of the main goals of the country.
futureThe club is considering future membership of a larger organization.
worthyHe was offered worthy membership in the prestigious club.
mixedThe researchers found that species with mixed membership are more likely to be found in fragmented habitats.
maleThe club's male membership has been declining in recent years.
stableThe club has maintained a stable membership for the past decade.
officialThe official membership roster will be released next week.
jointThe club offers a joint membership for couples.
overallThe overall membership of the organization has increased over the past year.
temporaryThe temporary membership allows him to access the club's facilities.
exclusiveAccess to the exclusive membership lounge was restricted to a select few.
nominalThe organization has nominal membership of over 100,000 people.
institutionalThe organization offers institutional membership to research institutions and businesses.
massThe union is open to mass membership
fileThe file membership list is maintained by the system administrator.
collectiveStudents gathering in protest are an example of collective membership
widerThe UN welcomed the wider membership of the new countries.
cooperativeThe cooperative membership program has been very successful.
turkishThe European countries are concerned about the Turkish membership
payingThe exclusive club requires a paying membership
maximumThe maximum membership of the club is 100.
substantialThe association maintains a substantial membership of over 1,000 members across the country.

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