Adjectives for Memory

Adjectives For Memory

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing memory, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'memory' carries an ocean of meanings, enriched by the adjectives that precede it. A 'term memory' hints at the duration we hold onto certain information, indicating its transient nature or long-lasting impact. 'Main memory' draws us into the world of computing, reminding us of the crucial role memory plays in our devices. A 'good memory,' often envied, reflects the ability to recall. 'Collective memory' ties communities together, holding the past as a mirror to the present. The 'human memory' is a marvel of nature, complex and still not fully understood. Lastly, 'visual memory' underscores our ability to remember images and visual information, a testament to the diverse ways our minds operate. Explore more adjectives that uncover the multifaceted nature of memory.
termMy term memory isn't what it used to be, but I still remember some things.
mainThe data is stored in main memory for faster access.
goodMy grandmother has a good memory and can recall events from decades ago with ease.
collectiveThe collective memory of the group shaped their decisions.
humanHuman memory is an amazing thing and it can be fallible at times.
visualThe athlete has an incredible visual memory allowing him to memorize complex plays with ease.
virtualThe computer uses virtual memory to allocate more memory than it physically has.
onlyOnly memory can bring her back.
episodicMy episodic memory is hazy, but I can still remember some details from my childhood.
recentThe recent memory of the traumatic event still haunts her.
shared"Shared memory" is a communication mechanism that allows multiple processes to access the same memory space.
semanticSemantic memory is a type of long-term memory that stores factual knowledge and concepts.
historicalThe historical memory of the nation was enshrined in its monuments and traditions.
verbalHer performance on the verbal memory test was impressive.
associativeThe associative memory of the brain allows us to connect different pieces of information and create meaningful memories.
physicalThe computer's physical memory is often called RAM (random access memory).
vividMy vivid memory of that night still haunts me.
poorI have a poor memory and often forget where I put things.
retentiveShe has a strong retentive memory for faces.
shortDue to his short memory he often forgets what he ate for breakfast.
blessedMy great-grandmother is a good memory to keep in blessed memory
autobiographicalAs I stared at her empty chair, memories of our time together flooded my autobiographical memory
immediateShe was able to recall seven digits in her immediate memory
spatialThe students were tested on their spatial memory their ability to recall the location of objects in space.
primaryPrimary memory stores the currently running programs and data.
randomThe random memory lapse made it hard to follow the conversation.
internalThe phone has 64GB of internal memory
excellentShe had an excellent memory able to recall details from years ago.
distantHer voice echoed in his mind, a distant memory now.
culturalThe cultural memory of a society is the shared knowledge, beliefs, and values that are passed down from generation to generation.
implicitShe had implicit memory of the event, even though she couldn't consciously recall it.
badI have a bad memory
availableThe available memory on my computer is 8GB.
externalThe patient was unable to correctly recall his external memory when prompted.
earliestMy earliest memory is crawling along the floor and pulling myself into the kitchen.
declarativeDeclarative memory is one of the two main types of long-term memory.
auditoryTaylor had a great auditory memory and could recall complex melodies after hearing them only once.
photographicMy extraordinary photographic memory allowed me to recall every detail of the intricate painting.
consciousWhen you consciously remember something, you are recalling it from your conscious memory
enoughThis computer has enough memory to run all the programs.
pleasantThe sweet fragrance of jasmine evoked a pleasant memory from my childhood.
vagueHer schedule for today seemed to be lost in a vague memory
roteRote memory involves memorizing information without understanding its meaning.
remarkableHer remarkable memory allowed her to recall every detail of the conversation.
happyI cherish the happy memory of our childhood adventures.
clearI have a clear memory of that moment.
prodigiousDr. Emily Carter has a prodigious memory able to recall details from events years past with ease.
secondaryThe secondary memory is used to store data that is not currently being used by the computer.
wonderfulI have a wonderful memory of that day when we laughed and played together.
popularThe popular memory of the event is very different from the historical record.
sensoryThe information stored in sensory memory is quickly forgotten unless it is transferred to short-term memory.
dynamicThe program uses dynamic memory to store the array.
dimI have only a dim memory of what happened that day.
institutionalThe company's institutional memory was rich with lessons learned.
remoteHer remote memory allowed her to recall the details of her childhood with perfect clarity.
mereThe mere memory of the incident filled him with dread.
accessI tried to access memory by sending a request to a computer server.
extendedThe application requires extended memory to run smoothly.
conventionalAccessing conventional memory is no longer necessary in modern operating systems.
fondI have a fond memory of playing in the park as a child.
lessHis new phone has less memory than his old one.
proceduralProcedural memory allows us to remember how to perform tasks.
traumaticThe traumatic memory was triggered by the sound of the car brakes.
bitterThe bitter memory of that day still haunts me.
unconsciousHer unconscious memory of the trauma made it difficult for her to talk about it.
falseI had a false memory of winning a lottery.
gloriousThe glorious memory of the past still lingers in my mind.
aliveThe alive memory of the old man brought tears to his eyes.
permanentThe new software update will provide permanent memory for all users.
extraordinaryThe professor had an extraordinary memory being able to recall every detail of his students' faces and names.
shorttermThe shortterm memory stores information for a few seconds.
selectiveHe seems to have a selective memory about what he said last week.
sacredHe held her sacred memory close to his heart.

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