Adjectives for Men

Adjectives For Men

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing men, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'men' reveals a rich tapestry of societal perceptions and individual nuances. Descriptive words like 'young' and 'old' provide age-related insights, while 'other,' 'many,' 'white,' and 'few' reflect quantity, racial identity, and exclusivity. Each adjective brings its own color to the noun, painting vivid pictures of diversity, strength, vulnerability, and demographic specifics. These adjectives not only describe but also subtly comment on the multifaceted roles of men in various contexts. For writers and speakers, choosing the right adjective is pivotal in shaping the narrative's tone and emphasis. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'men' below to enhance your descriptions and understandings.
youngThe young men walked down the street.
whiteI saw two white men walking down the street.
fewFew men turned up for the event.
oldThe old men sat on the porch, watching the world go by.
mostMost men are over six feet tall.
wiseThe wise men followed the star to find the baby Jesus.
blackThe black men were playing basketball in the park.
gayTwo gay men walked their dog in the park.
armedSeveral armed men were seen patrolling the streets.
learnedThese learned men were all deeply interested in intellectual pursuits.
youngerI prefer younger men
freeThe free men of the town gathered in the market square.
bestThe best men gave rousing speeches at the reception.
fellowBe kind to your fellow men
braveBrave men defended the fort against overwhelming odds.
deadThe dead men tell no tales.
militaryThe military men were brave and courageous.
honestHonest men can always endure adversity.
richRich men often have many opportunities.
medicalThe medical men will be able to help you with your injury.
poorThe poor men begged for food and shelter.
professionalThe club is only open to professional men
holyThe holy men gathered in the temple to pray.
ordinaryOf ordinary men and women, the heroes are born.
literaryThe literary men gathered at the cafe to discuss their latest works.
eminentThe eminent men of the city were invited to the gathering.
ableThe able men were able to lift the heavy weight.
enlistedThe enlisted men were proud to serve their country.
distinguishedThe distinguished men in tuxedos walked confidently into the ballroom.
prominentWealthy and prominent men often donate to charities.
agedThe aged men sat on the porch, watching the world go by.
elderlyThe elderly men were sitting on a bench in the park, enjoying the sunshine.
famousThe list of famous men is long and impressive.
wealthyWealthy men have been known to spend generously on luxury items.
blindThe blind men walked slowly, feeling their way with their canes.
healthyThe hospital put out a campaign to encourage healthy men to come in for prostate exams.
coloredThe colored men were very happy to be able to vote.
bodiedThe three muscled and well-bodied men walked down the street.
classThe class men are studying for their test.
trainedThree trained men were guarding the important documents.
mindedThe like-minded men quickly became close friends.
sickThe sick men were lying in their beds.
workingThe working men constantly complained about the decline in their wages.
lookingThe two looking men walked down the hall together.
unmarriedThere are many unmarried men in the city.
ambitiousAmbitious men often rise to the top of their fields.
influentialPoliticians and other influential men discussed the current geopolitical climate.

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