Adjectives for Metal

Adjectives For Metal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing metal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with the noun 'metal' illuminates the rich tapestry of its applications and qualities. Words like 'precious' evoke the value and rarity found in metals like gold and silver, while 'heavy' underscores their physical weight and density. 'White' metal, on the other hand, brings to mind the brightness and resistance to corrosion of metals such as aluminum or zinc. The purity of 'pure' metal speaks to its unadulterated essence, crucial for various industrial uses. Describing metal as 'hot' can relate to both its physical state in processes like forging and to its desirability or trendiness. The term 'weld' introduces the transformative power of metalwork, shaping our world in countless ways. Dive deep into the semantic richness that adjectives add to the noun 'metal' through our curated list below.
preciousGold is a precious metal that has been used for centuries to create jewelry and other decorative objects.
heavyThe heavy metal band performed to a sold-out crowd.
whiteThe white metal was gleaming in the sunlight.
pureThe pure metal was a rare find, and the miners were excited to have discovered it.
hotThe blacksmith pounded the hot metal into a sword.
weldThe weld metal is not strong enough to hold the pieces together.
liquidThe liquid metal shimmered and flowed, mesmerizing all who beheld it.
scrapThe scrapyard was filled with scrap metal
softThe soft metal was easily bent out of shape.
yellowThe yellow metal gleamed in the sunlight.
thinThe thin metal sheet could easily be bent.
hardThe blade was made of hard metal
coldThe cold metal felt smooth against her skin.
nobleGold is a noble metal used to make jewelry and coins.
polishedThe polished metal gleamed in the sunlight.
lightThe light metal was used to make the frame of the bicycle very light.
bareThe server is running on bare metal in a private data center.
brightThe bright metal gleamed in the sunlight.
rareThe jeweler used a rare metal to craft the exquisite necklace.
baseThe silver was used as a base metal for the gold plating.
twistedThe twisted metal of the old car creaked and groaned under the weight of the weight being lifted.
activeThe sodium is an active metal that reacts with water.
corrugatedThe old barn had weathered corrugated metal walls.
ferrousThe ferrous metal was used to make the frame of the building.
depositedThe amount of deposited metal is affected by several factors.
nonOxygen is a non metal
ductileCopper is a ductile metal that can be easily drawn into thin wires.
gunThe gun metal gleamed in the sunlight.
fusibleThe fusible metal melted easily due to its low melting point.
excessThe high excess metal concentration in the soil caused environmental concerns.
valuableThe ring was made of a valuable metal
latterThe latter metal an attitude of gratitude, is the foundation for true happiness.
baserThe baser metal lead, is used in batteries and solder.
malleableThe malleable metal was bent into the desired shape.
brittleThe brittle metal shattered into a thousand pieces when I dropped it.
typeLead was used for type metal the alloy used to cast movable type.
shinyThis shiny metal coin sparkled in the light.
nativeNative metal has been used in jewelry and coinage for centuries.
underlyingThe box has an underlying metal frame.
silveryThe shiny silvery metal was very smooth.
grayThe gray metal glinted in the sunlight.
cleanThe clean metal sparkled in the sunlight.
galvanizedThe galvanized metal roof panels were dented in the storm.
standardThe standard metal for electrical wiring is copper.
fillerThe filler metal should have the same composition as the base metal.
powderedPowdered metal is used to create complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to produce using conventional methods.
mixedThe mixed metal sculpture sparkled in the sunlight.
perforatedThe perforated metal allowed the sound to pass through.
reactiveReactive metal is a metal that reacts easily with other elements.
refinedThe refined metal gleamed in the sunlight.
fusedThe fused metal was poured into the mold.
reducedThe metal was smelted to obtain the reduced metal
usefulWelders use a useful metal called Monel, which is an alloy of nickel and copper.
enoughHe mined enough metal to create a solid structure.
suitableThe company supplies a suitable metal for the industry.
heavierThe music was heavier metal than I expected.
meltedThe melted metal flowed like lava into the mold.
softerThe softer metal was less likely to break when bent.
rolledThe rolled metal sheets were cut to size.
crudeThe crude metal was shaped into a beautiful sculpture.
thickThe thick metal bars clanged together as the gate slammed shut.
refractoryNiobium is a refractory metal and it is used in alloy, superalloy and steel.
lustrousThe lustrous metal gleamed in the sunlight.
dullThe dull metal of the sword was barely visible in the dim light.
nonferrousThe nonferrous metal has a low melting point.
moltenThe molten metal flowed like liquid fire, illuminating the darkness with its fiery glow.

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