Adjectives for Method

Adjectives For Method

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing method, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a method can significantly alter its perception and effectiveness. A new method suggests innovation and a break from tradition, potentially offering unprecedented results. Conversely, a scientific method emphasizes rigor and validated processes, assuring reliability. Opting for the best method implies superiority over others, while the second method can signify a viable alternative or a backup. A simple method, on the other hand, boasts accessibility and ease of implementation, appealing to those seeking straightforward solutions. When something is dubbed the only method, it connotes exclusivity and necessity, often leaving no room for alternatives. Dive deeper into how adjectives shape our understanding and selection of methods in our comprehensive list below.
newThe new method proved to be more effective.
scientificThrough the scientific method researchers can develop and test hypotheses.
bestThe best method to resolve this issue is to reach out to the support team.
secondWith the second method the program generates 1000 prime numbers and prints them to a file.
simpleUse a simple method to solve this problem.
onlyThe only method to achieve success is through hard work and dedication.
commonThe researchers used a variety of methods, including a common method of interviewing participants.
effectiveThis is an effective method to learn English vocabulary.
directWe use the direct method to teach English as a second language.
alternativeWe can use an alternative method to solve this problem.
usualThe usual method does not apply in this case.
latterThe latter method was more effective than the former.
standardThe standard method of calculation is to use a calculator.
thirdWe shall try the third method next.
experimentalThe experimental method involves testing a hypothesis by conducting a controlled experiment.
traditionalThe traditional method of making wine involves fermenting grapes with yeast to produce alcohol.
convenientThe convenient method made it easier to access the information.
indirectThe indirect method is often used to determine the cash flow from operating activities.
preferredOur preferred method is to use a credit card.
simplestThe simplest method is usually the best.
finiteThe finite method is a numerical technique used to solve differential equations.
efficientThis new technology utilizes an efficient method for generating electricity.
practicalThe practical method proved to be effective in resolving the issue.
historicalThe historical method is a way of investigating the past by gathering and evaluating evidence.
betterA better method was developed to improve the efficiency of the process.
properEnsure you are following the proper method when completing this task.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory method of resolving the issue was found.
comparativeBefore attempting to use the comparative method for language change, one must consider what is meant by the term "cognate".
analyticalThe research team adopted an analytical method to determine the composition of the sample.
appropriateThe appropriate method for this task is to use a combination of techniques.
followingYou should use following method to solve the problem.
reliableThe experiment used a reliable method to gather data.
usefulUsing a useful method we can accomplish this task efficiently.
rapidThe rapid method allowed for the quick completion of the task.
statisticalThe researcher applied a statistical method to analyze the data and draw meaningful conclusions.
accurateThe most accurate method to measure the temperature is to use a thermometer.
popularThe most popular method for doing this is to use a library.
aboveThe above method is a great way to learn.
conventionalThe conventional method for solving this problem is no longer effective.
graphicalThe graphical method is a widely-used approach to solve optimization problems.
criticalThis method is one of the most critical methods for such a task
inductiveThe scientist used the inductive method to draw conclusions by observing patterns and specific examples.
numericalThe numerical method provided accurate results for the complex equation.
easyThis is an easy method to follow.
systematicThe researcher used a systematic method to ensure the accuracy of the results.
excellentThe class presented an excellent method to solve the problem.
lineThis is a line using the line method
basedThe based method is a type of research methodology that is used to collect data from a specific group of people.
correctUse the correct method to avoid errors.
sensitiveThe sensitive method detected a slight increase in temperature.
suitableThis is a suitable method to achieve the desired outcome.
empiricalResearchers used the empirical method to collect data from their subjects.
novelScientists employed a novel method to extract DNA from ancient fossils.
quantitativeThe research team utilized a quantitative method to analyze the data.
exactThe exact method of calculating the probability of an event is to use the formula P(E) = n(E) / n(S), where n(E) is the number of outcomes in the event and n(S) is the total number of possible outcomes.
deductiveThe detective used the deductive method to solve the crime.
alternateConsider an alternate method to solve the problem.
classicalThe classical method is a traditional approach to solving a problem.
simplerThis is a simpler method to accomplish the same task.
idealThe ideal method for assessing the effectiveness of a new drug is a randomized controlled trial.
leastThe least method is the weakest of all methods.
easiestThe easiest method was the one that got the job done.
staticThis is a static method example in Python.
rationalThe rational method was used to estimate the peak flow rate.
iterativeThis article discusses iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations.
logicalThe logical method is a systematic approach to problem-solving that uses reason and logic.

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