Adjectives for Methods

Adjectives For Methods

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing methods, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe 'methods' can subtly change the perception of your message. Using 'new' suggests innovation and a break from tradition, while 'different' emphasizes uniqueness or an alternative approach. 'Various' and 'several' imply diversity and a range of options, highlighting the flexibility in choice. 'Modern' methods, on the other hand, are synonymous with the latest advancements, suggesting efficiency and improvement. Each adjective not only describes but also adds a specific nuance, painting a clearer picture of the methods in discussion. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the perfect word that matches the context and essence of your methods.
otherWe tried other methods but none of them worked.
differentThere are different methods to solve this problem.
newWe are exploring new methods to improve efficiency.
variousResearchers used various methods to gather data.
severalThere are several methods to approach this problem.
modernModern methods allow for greater efficiency and accuracy.
traditionalTraditional methods have been used for centuries to create beautiful and functional works of art.
statisticalStatistical methods provide valuable insights and models for complex data analysis.
alternativeScientists are exploring alternative methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
conventionalThe researchers are using conventional methods to study the properties of the material.
numericalNumerical methods are a broad set of techniques for solving problems that cannot be solved by symbolic methods.
analyticalThe scientists refined their analytical methods to achieve greater accuracy in their research.
quantitativeWe used quantitative methods to analyze the data.
standardWe followed the standard methods to analyze the data.
bestThe best methods for teaching reading are often ones that engage students in the learning process.
experimentalWe rely on experimental methods to test our hypotheses.
effectiveEffective methods for long-lasting results are highly recommended.
qualitativeQualitative methods provide in-depth insights into complex social phenomena.
directWe use direct methods to build our models.
followingScientists used the following methods to study the effects of climate change on coral reefs.
betterWe need to find better methods to solve this problem.
usualWe should step outside our comfort zones and try new things instead of resorting to our usual methods
indirectThe researchers used indirect methods to collect data on the participants' attitudes.
improvedOur improved methods have resulted in a significant increase in efficiency.
appropriateHe used appropriate methods to solve the problem.
formalFormal methods are mathematical techniques used to specify, develop, and verify software systems.
basedWe used based methods to estimate the age of the specimen.
efficientWith efficient methods we can reduce operational costs and improve productivity.
ordinaryThe results obtained via ordinary methods were inconsistent.
mathematicalMathematical methods are used across many disciplines.
practicalPractical methods facilitated the completion of the project.
educationalThe teacher used various educational methods to engage the students in the lesson.
availableI'll provide you with all the available methods later.
sophisticatedThey used sophisticated methods to analyze the data.
empiricalEpidemiologists often use empirical methods to establish causal relationships between exposures and health outcomes.
mechanicalThe researchers used mechanical methods to separate the particles
classicalThe researchers used classical methods to analyze the data.
agriculturalThe agricultural methods used in this region are primarily focused on sustainable farming practices.
diagnosticThe diagnostic methods used include physical examination, blood tests, and imaging studies.
primitiveOur ancestors used primitive methods to cultivate the land.
newerThe company has adopted newer methods to increase efficiency.
graphicalGraphical methods are used to illustrate data and relationships.
multipleWe can use multiple methods to solve this problem.
instructionalThe instructional methods used in the course were effective and engaging.
computationalComputational methods are often used to analyze large datasets.
advancedWe utilized advanced methods to achieve optimal results.
opticalWe developed several different optical methods to probe and to characterize the surface morphology of diamond-like carbon thin films.
intensiveOne of the most popular methods used in agriculture today is the use of intensive methods
analyticWe used analytic methods to analyze the data.
objectiveWhile historical analysis provides insights, the best information usually comes from objective methods that can be replicated and independently verified.
violentTo no avail did the insurgents resort to violent methods inorder to gain political power
reliableScientists used reliable methods to analyze the data.
suitableWe'll use suitable methods to reach our destination.
iterativeIterative methods can be used to solve a variety of problems in science and engineering.
exactExact methods were used to determine the travel time.
accurateThe report's conclusions were based on accurate methods
peacefulThe activists protested against the government using peaceful methods
staticThe utility functions that are not tied to a specific instance and can be called without creating an object are known as static methods
contraceptiveThere are various contraceptive methods that can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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