Adjectives for Might

Adjectives For Might

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing might, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the various adjectives that modify the noun 'might' sheds light on the multifaceted nature of power and strength. From 'military' and 'armed' that reflect force and defense to 'economic' and 'industrial,' which denote a different yet equally compelling form of control and influence. The adjective 'own' personalizes this power, making it intimately individual, whereas 'whole' elevates it to a collective, all-encompassing level. Each adjective, strategically placed before 'might,' enriches our understanding of strength, be it physical, financial, or moral. Delve deeper into the nuances of these adjectives and discover how the perception of might changes with their application. Discover the full array of adjectives that frequently accompany 'might' below.
militaryThe military might of the country was on display during the parade.
armedThe armed might of the nation was on display at the parade.
economicThe nation's economic might enabled it to weather the global financial crisis.
industrialThe nation's industrial might enabled it to produce vast quantities of weapons and supplies.
ownI will do it by my own might
wholeHe put his whole might into his swing, and the ball soared over the fence.
bestI will do my best might to finish this task on time.
fullThe heroes attacked the dragon with their full might
physicalBruce Banner unleashed his physical might on the rampaging Hulk.
americanThe American might was on full display during the military parade.
irresistibleThe city was taken by an irresistible might that left no quarter for the defenders.
germanThe German might was overwhelming.
overwhelmingThe army advanced with overwhelming might crushing all resistance in its path.
navalThe country's naval might was on full display during the parade.
britishThe British might has been a major force in world history.
sovietThe Red Army was a testament to Soviet might
imperialThe empire expanded its imperial might across the vast lands.
latterThe latter might be more likely to be true than the former.
divineThe divine might of the gods descended upon the mortals.
invincibleThe invincible might of the Roman legions crushed any resistance.
formerThe former might be a good choice.
spiritualWith spiritual might he overcame the darkness that consumed him.
nuclearThe nuclear might of the superpowers was a source of great concern during the Cold War.
awesomeHer awesome might moved the mountains.
vainVain might often outlives a thousand years.
infiniteThe demigod was said to possess infinite might
creativeThe creative might behind the design was truly inspiring.
terribleThe terrible might of the storm uprooted trees and destroyed homes.
overpoweringIts overpowering might crushed the resistance into submission.
wondrousThe wizard's wondrous might shattered the ancient fortress.
collectiveThe collective might of the people will not be silenced.
mortalWith mortal might they battled against the unrelenting storm.
sheerThe sheer might of the storm tore through the forest, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.
japaneseThe Japanese might have developed the first rockets centuries ago.
intellectualAlthough lacking physical prowess, the wizard compensated with his intellectual might
gloriousThe glorious might of the sun shone through the clouds.
powerfulThe king reigned with powerful might
awfulThe awful might of the storm destroyed the town.
righteousThe paladin wielded his blade with righteous might vanquishing the forces of evil.
technologicalWe must harness our technological might to solve the world's problems.
enormousIts enormous might was a formidable sight to behold.
eternalThe gods possessed an eternal might which surpassed all others.
dearDear might I have been waiting for you.
tremendousThe superhero possessed tremendous might vanquishing foes with effortless ease.
destructiveThe tempest raged with destructive might uprooting trees and shattering buildings.
mickleLittle strokes fell great oaks and mickle might makes mickle right.
magicMagic might make the impossible possible.
formidableThe formidable might of the army overwhelmed the enemy.
brutal"No single man can wield such brutal might unless he has been touched by the chaos of the warp." said the sorcerer.
boundlessThe hero stood tall, his boundless might radiating an aura of invincibility around him.
dreadfulThe dragon attacked the village with dreadful might
heavenlyThe angels descended with heavenly might their wings shimmering like stars.
unsearchedThe unsearched might of the forest holds many secrets.
massiveThe massive might of the army overwhelmed the enemy.
unitedThe united might of the allies brought about a swift victory.
savageThe warrior's savage might was unmatched on the battlefield.

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