Adjectives for Miles

Adjectives For Miles

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing miles, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'miles' can intricately alter the perception and understanding of a distance or measurement. 'Square miles' elicits thoughts of vast geographical areas, while 'a few miles' promises a short trip. Contrastingly, 'several miles' suggests a longer journey without daunting potential travelers. For enthusiasts of the sea, 'nautical miles' introduce a measure of distance critical to navigation. Finally, 'the last miles' evoke a sense of conclusion or the final leg of a journey. Each choice paints a unique picture of distance, emphasizing the importance of precision in language. Explore our full list of adjectives associated with 'miles' to see the variety of nuances each one brings.
squareThe area of the park is about 10 square miles
fewThe town is just a few miles from the coast.
severalThe car traveled several miles before reaching its destination.
manyOur journey was long, and we traveled many miles
nauticalThe ship traveled 100 nautical miles along the coast.
lastThe last miles of the marathon were the most challenging.
englishThe distance between the two cities is 100 english miles
distantThe distant miles lay between them like an uncrossable chasm.
oneThe house is one miles away.
geographicalThe distance between the two cities is about 200 geographical miles
halfThe car traveled half miles before reaching the destination.
tonThe airline flew 200,000 ton miles last month.
cubicThe reservoir is more than 5 cubic miles in volume
oddI ran odd miles last week.
mereI live mere miles from the beach.
romanThe Roman army marched twenty roman miles each day.
wearyThe weary miles stretched out before them, a reminder of the long journey they had endured.
fiveThe store is located five miles away.
visibleThe storm caused visible miles of destruction.
extraGoing the extra miles means putting in more effort than is expected.
endlessThe endless miles of rolling hills stretched out before my eyes.
eastThe east miles of the city are the most populated.
sixThe park is six miles away.
scantThe scant miles to the neighboring village were quickly traversed.
navigableThe Mississippi River has over 2,300 navigable miles
fewerThere are fewer miles on this car than the previous one.
countlessWe have traveled countless miles to reach this destination.
hundredThe car traveled over three hundred miles before it reached its destination.
vehicleThe study found that the average number of vehicle miles traveled per day was 10.
marineThe ship was traveling at a speed of 20 marine miles per hour.
riddenI've ridden miles on my bike in the past year.
dozenThe town is a dozen miles away.
plusI earned a lot of plus miles on my last flight.
sevenThe distance between the two towns is seven miles
quarterThe race cars sped around the track, completing quarter miles in record time.
fourThe route to the campground was four miles so I made it there in less than an hour.
dustyHer dusty miles meant she had quite the journey.
seaThe ship traveled 100 sea miles in one day.
measuredThe measured miles told us we were nearing our destination.
flierI had to use my flier miles in order to afford my international flight.

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