Adjectives for Min

Adjectives For Min

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing min, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'min' can subtly change its meaning, adding depth to your communication. Whether it's the 'first min' that sets the stage, the 'additional min' that contributes more, the 'further min' suggesting continuous effort, the 'last min' signaling an end, or the 'next min' hinting at future possibilities, each combination opens a new dimension. The 'mean min' might introduce a statistical perspective or a nuanced characteristic. In crafting sentences, the chosen adjective not only enriches the description but also sharpens the focus, guiding the reader's understanding towards the intended nuance. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'min' to master the subtle art of precise expression.
firstThe first minute of the hour is always the most important.
additionalI'll be there in twenty additional minutes.
furtherHe was interviewed further minutes.
lastI had to rush to finish the project last min
nextYou have to wait until the next min to see the movie.
meanThe mean min was a challenging bully.
hanHan min bor i Oslo.
averageThe average min temperature in January is 7.5 degrees celsius.
totalI can't say what the total min is.
chuehChueh min shuh wei yu pai shee juh, chyw ya faan gwo shee.
finalThe game was decided in the final min
tienIk heb tien minuten de tijd.
rangeThe range min value is 10.
easyThe exercise was easy min
5thThe goal was scored in the 5th min
dryThe dry min is unsuitable for planting and growing.
intervalThe interval min is the smallest possible interval between two consecutive values.
perThe engine runs at 6000 per min
jenJen min hala çok popüler bir web sitesi.
dailyI had a daily minimum of 10 pages to read.
subsequentThe subsequent min will be here in a moment
primeThe prime minister announced a new economic policy.
restTake a rest min while I am gone.
viceA vice min is a deputy to the head of a ministry.
doubleHe had been a double min for a double min and even that had been forgiven in the end.
shihShih min has been accused of corruption.
furThe fur min was very soft.
maximumThe maximum minimum time to complete the task is two hours.
szuSzu min nagyon finom étel.
extraWe have an extra min to spare.
successiveThe successive min raised much debate.
simmerThe oven was simmer min while the soup was cooking.
staticThe static min of the data is 0.
heatedThe heated min was used to warm the house.
arcThe star's diameter is 0.5 arc min

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