Adjectives for Minimum

Adjectives For Minimum

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing minimum, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

When it comes to the word 'minimum', the choice of adjective can dramatically shift its meaning and implication. 'Absolute minimum' speaks to the utmost lower limit, implying no possibility of decrease. 'Bare minimum' suggests just enough to get by, often with a sense of barely meeting a standard. 'Local minimum', a term borrowed from mathematics and science, refers to the lowest point within a specific area, contrasting with 'global minimum' which denotes the lowest point overall. 'Certain minimum' introduces a level of necessity or requirement, while 'irreducible minimum' indicates a level that cannot be diminished further. Each adjective nuances 'minimum' with layers of meaning, from adequacy to extremity. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'minimum' and explore how each can alter perception and understanding.
absoluteThe budget for the project was set at the absolute minimum
bareWe are providing only the bare minimum required for this project.
localThe company's profits have reached a local minimum
certainA certain minimum amount of funds is required to open an account.
globalThe global minimum of the function is located at x = 0.
irreducibleThe irreducible minimum of this equation is x=3.
veryWe will need to start with the very minimum
barestTo get the barest minimum of work done, he needed more sleep.
legalThe company was fined for not paying its employees the legal minimum wage.
necessaryThe judge set the necessary minimum fine for the speeding offense.
potentialThe potential minimum is the lowest energy state of a system.
basicThe basic minimum is what we need to get started.
nationalThe national minimum wage will rise to £9.50 per hour in April.
secondaryThe secondary minimum of the potential energy surface corresponds to a local minimum.
relativeThe relative minimum of y=x^2-4 is -3.
solarThe solar minimum is a period of decreased solar activity.
statutoryThe company was accused of paying its employees less than the statutory minimum
averageThe average minimum temperature in January is below freezing.
nightThe night minimum temperature was 32 degrees.
lowestThe company offers the lowest minimum wage among its competitors.
reasonableThe company must provide a reasonable minimum of benefits to its employees.
theoreticalThe theoretical minimum temperature of the universe is -273.15 degrees Celsius.
acceptableThe results were within the acceptable minimum range.
meanThe mean minimum temperature was 12 degrees.
primaryThe primary minimum of the potential describes a metastable state.
dailyThe daily minimum temperature of the town is 10 degrees celsius.
practicalI have reduced it to a practical minimum
essentialThe essential minimum for a healthy diet is a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
indispensableThe indispensable minimum for a good life is moderate wealth, good health, and congenial companions.
deepThe function reached a deep minimum at that point.
possibleThe possible minimum value is 10.
strictThe strict minimum requirements were met.
fixedThe company has a fixed minimum wage for all its employees.
decentEveryone deserves a decent minimum standard of living.
prescribedThe prescribed minimum dose is 10 mg per day.
guaranteedWe offer a guaranteed minimum wage to all employees.
uniqueThe product has a unique minimum price.
annualThe annual minimum wage in the United States is $7.25.
criticalThe study suggests that the critical minimum threshold for fruit and vegetables for a blood pressure reduction effect is 400 grams per day.
sharpI was very surprised to find a sharp minimum at x=10.
recommendedThe recommended minimum storage space is 1GB.
shallowThe landscape has a shallow minimum at the point (0, 0).
broadThe function has a broad minimum at x = 5.
monthlyThe monthly minimum required for this account is \$1,500.
federalThe federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 per hour for over a decade.
hourPlease arrive at least an hour minimum before your appointment.
usualThe usual minimum temperature in January is 1 degree Celsius.
mandatoryThe mandatory minimum sentence for drug offenses is five years.
desirableThe desirable minimum temperature for the room is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
safeWe should implement a safe minimum mechanism to prevent overfishing.
definiteThe definite minimum is 10.
maximumThe maximum minimum temperature recorded was 10 degrees Celsius.
correspondingThe graphs, corresponding minimum and edges along the trajectory are recorded and analyzed.
dayThe day minimum was 56 degrees.
distinctThe distinct minimum value in the dataset is -10.
requiredThe required minimum purchase amount is $50.
constrainedThe constrained minimum was achieved at the boundary of the feasible region.
adverseThe adverse minimum is a negative value that is used to determine the worst possible outcome.
unavoidableOur goal is an unavoidable minimum of three meetings per week per team member.
nearThe temperature was near minimum so I wore a coat.
inchThe board should be at least 1 inch minimum in thickness.
physiologicalThe physiological minimum is the minimum level of a substance or condition that is necessary for the survival of an organism.
definedThe review of the case revealed a defined minimum standard of care.

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