Adjectives for Minister

Adjectives For Minister

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing minister, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a minister significantly impacts the perception of their role, status, and actions. A prime minister holds the highest office, leading the government, while a foreign minister deals with international affairs. A former minister references one who has served in the past, embodying experience and potentially influence. The first minister may indicate a pioneering role or leadership within a specific domain. Calling someone a new minister highlights recent appointments and the anticipation of fresh perspectives. Lastly, a chief minister signifies a leading position in a local or state government. Each adjective delineates nuanced distinctions in responsibility and expertise. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with minister to understand the subtleties of governance and leadership.
primeThe prime minister announced her resignation today.
foreignThe foreign minister met with his counterpart from the neighboring country.
formerThe former minister was accused of corruption.
firstThe First minister will open the new Scottish Parliament building.
newI would like to introduce the congregation to our new minister
chiefThe chief minister inaugurated the new hospital.
frenchThe French minister met with the ambassador to discuss the bilateral relationship.
americanThe American minister gave a sermon on the importance of faith.
youngThe young minister was full of hope and energy.
presentThe present minister of the nation is a highly educated man.
christianThe Christian minister gave a moving sermon at the church service.
lateThe late minister's words still resonate with the people.
protestantThe protestant minister preached a powerful sermon on Sunday.
unitarianWhen Judy got into trouble, her Unitarian minister provided support to see her through the tough times.
englishThe English minister addressed the crowd in a passionate speech.
spanishThe Spanish minister spoke at the conference.
russianThe Russian minister was in charge of the negotiations.
futureThe future minister made inspiring speeches during his years of studying abroad.
faithfulThe faithful minister served his king with unwavering loyalty.
congregationalThe new congregational minister was welcomed warmly by the church community.
seniorThe senior minister held a press conference to address the allegations made against him.
responsibleThe responsible minister has been asked to resign.
powerfulHis powerful minister advised him to conquer the neighboring kingdom.
assistantThe assistant minister of finance was tasked with presenting the budget to the parliament.
juniorThe junior minister a rising star in the party, was tipped as a future prime minister.
belgianThe Belgian minister of health stated that the new variant of coronavirus is more transmissible.
interiorThe interior minister has called for calm in the wake of the violence.
japaneseJapanese ministers plan to join their G7 counterparts in imposing new sanctions soon.
federalThe federal minister is responsible for the administration of the department.
austrianThe Austrian minister discussed the issue with his German counterpart.
turkishThe Turkish minister of foreign affairs met with the US secretary of state.
conservativeThe conservative minister delivered a fiery speech to his supporters.
liberalThe liberal minister spoke out against the proposed legislation.
sovietThe soviet minister promised to increase the production of oil.
famousThe famous minister delivered an eloquent sermon that inspired the congregation.
israeliTwo israeli minister have been tested positive for coronavirus
italianThe Italian minister visited the refugee camp to show support for the work of the aid organizations.
prominentThe prominent minister was invited to speak at the conference.
settledThe settled minister gave a compelling sermon about the importance of faith.
viceThe vice minister spoke to the press after the meeting.
eminentThe eminent minister delivered a powerful speech that inspired the congregation.
canadianThe Canadian minister of Foreign Affairs met with his Chinese counterpart in Beijing.
anglicanThe Anglican minister gave a sermon on the importance of love.
honourableThe honourable minister addressed the gathering with great eloquence.
dutchThe Dutch minister gave a speech about the importance of international cooperation.
deputyThe deputy minister was responsible for overseeing the department's budget.
worthyThe worthy minister deserves our respect.
wesleyanThe Wesleyan minister preached a powerful sermon on the importance of faith.
puritanThe Puritan minister gave a sermon on the importance of faith.
timeThe Prime Minister summoned the Time minister this morning to discuss the interdimensional travel incident.
distinguishedI am honored to have the distinguished minister Dr. Jones, here with us today.
mexicanThe Mexican minister spoke about the importance of education.
swedishThe Swedish minister of Foreign Affairs is Ann Linde.
norwegianThe Norwegian minister gave a speech at the conference.
competentThe competent minister is responsible for ensuring that the department runs smoothly.
dearDear minister I am writing to you today to express my concerns about the recent changes to the education system.
wiseThe wise minister advised the king to seek peace with his enemies.
favouriteThe hobby of the favourite minister was to play chess
agedThe aged minister wisely guided his flock through uncertain times.
brazilianThe Brazilian minister met with the foreign dignitaries.
danishThe Danish minister resigned after being accused of corruption.
retiredThe retired minister gave a sermon at the church's anniversary celebration.
hungarianThe Hungarian minister pledged to cooperate with other countries in the region.
congregationalistThe congregationalist minister counseled the grieving family.

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