Adjectives for Minor

Adjectives For Minor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing minor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The usage of adjectives with the noun 'minor' paints a vivid tapestry of meanings, each altering its essence subtly or dramatically. A 'sharp minor' scale evokes a sense of intricate musicality, while 'flat minor' hints at a softer, more melancholic tone. The adjective 'major' contrasts directly, suggesting a shift or an exception. Describing something as 'western minor' may imbue it with geographical or cultural significance. Meanwhile, 'pectoralis minor' delves into the anatomical realm, pinpointing a specific muscle with precision. And 'relative minor' ventures into the theory of music, establishing connections between keys. Each adjective opens a unique perspective on the concept of 'minor,' underscoring the diversity and depth that language can offer. For a deeper exploration into these nuances, delve into our full list of adjectives below.
sharpThe sharp minor note cut through the air, piercing and clear.
flatThe song was played in a flat minor key.
majorThe major minor relationship is characterized by a difference of two half steps.
westernThe western minor was a popular scale in the early 20th century.
pectoralisThe pectoralis minor is a muscle located in the chest.}
relativeThe song is in the relative minor of the tonic.
tonicThe tonic minor is a minor scale that is built on the first, or tonic, note of the major scale.
easternThe eastern minor basilica, a small but beautiful church, is a popular tourist destination.
centralThe central minor chord has a root, a minor third, and a perfect fifth.
onlyThe damage was only minor
southernThere was only a southern minor or two in the whole tribe
mostThe most minor change made to the text was the addition of a comma.
emancipatedThe emancipated minor was granted the same legal rights and responsibilities as an adult.
globusThe globus minor is the smaller of the two globes on a celestial sphere, representing the Southern Hemisphere.
northernThe northern minor stars were visible in the sky.
hippocampusThe hippocampus minor is a small, curved structure located on the medial side of the temporal lobe.
principalThe principal minor of a matrix is the determinant of a submatrix formed by deleting the same rows and columns from the original matrix.
naturalThe natural minor scale is a heptatonic scale that contains a minor third, a perfect fifth, and a minor seventh.
melodicThe melodic minor scale is a seven-note scale that is used in many different genres of music.
pelvisThe pelvis minor is a cone-shaped space bounded above by the pelvic brim and below by the pelvic floor.
harmonicThe harmonic minor scale is a type of musical scale that is used in many different genres of music.
matureThe mature minor was able to make their own decisions.
asiaAsia minor is a historical region in Western Asia, comprising the modern-day countries of Turkey and Armenia.
dominantThe dominant minor chord is built on the fifth scale degree.
parallelThe parallel minor tone in the music conveyed a sense of melancholy.
zygomaticusThe zygomaticus minor muscle is responsible for pulling the corner of the mouth up and back.
northwesternThe northwestern minor has been an important part of my undergraduate career.
unmarriedAs an unmarried minor she was unable to open a bank account without a guardian's consent.
westThe west minor key is a minor scale based on the sixth scale degree of the major scale.
southwesternThe AI exhibited southwestern minor uncertainties.
illicitThe illicit minor was caught by the police.
pregnantThe pregnant minor was given prenatal care.
undergraduateHe completed his undergraduate minor in Spanish Literature.
portioThe portio minor is the smaller division of the eighth nerve.
ancientThe ancient minor played a haunting melody on the old harp.
numerousNumerous minor adjustments were made to the project.
rhomboidThe rhomboid minor is a muscle of the posterior neck and a stabilizer of the scapula.
posteriorThe posterior minor has no muscular contribution.
northwestThe northwest minor was an interesting breed of dog.
unaccompaniedThe unaccompanied minor was quickly located by security.
southwestThe southwest minor is the smallest hurricane on the Beaufort scale.
southeasternThe southeastern minor explores the depths of the unknown.
associatedThe associated minor was a quiet and polite boy.
waywardThe wayward minor had to be returned to his parents.
maleThe male minor was taken into custody by the police.
variolaVariola minor is a mild form of smallpox that is no longer found in the wild.
turkishThe Turkish minor is a concerto for solo clarinet and chamber orchestra by the American composer Robert Moran.
subdominantThe subdominant minor chord is a minor chord built on the fourth scale degree of a major scale.
rhomboideusThe rhomboideus minor is a muscle located in the upper back that helps to rotate the scapula.
delinquentThe delinquent minor was sent to a juvenile detention center.
thalassaemiaI have thalassaemia minor and an enlarged spleen, as well as iron overload.
northeasternThe northeastern minor was a minor infantry officer in the Byzantine army.
convolvulusThe convolvulus minor also known as the dwarf bindweed, is a species of flowering plant in the morning glory family.
disjunctiveThe disjunctive minor has not been confirmed yet.
modalThe modal minor scale has a distinctive sound that is often used in jazz and blues music.
centuryThe century minor is a rare and beautiful bird that is found in the forests of South America.
occipitalisOccipitalis minor is a small muscle that originates from the lateral part of the superior nuchal line and inserts into the skin of the occipital region.
calledThe offense has been called minor by the local police.
plaintiveThe plaintive minor chords of the song evoked a sense of melancholy longing.
thalassemiaThalassemia minor is a mild form of thalassemia that usually does not cause any symptoms.

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