Adjectives for Minute

Adjectives For Minute

Explore the most frequently used adjectives for 'minute' that enrich your expressions, such as 'last', 'next', 'full', and 'first'. Enhance your writing by learning how these descriptive words uniquely qualify the concept of time, making your narratives more precise and engaging. Dive into our collection now.

lastI had to rush to finish the project at the last minute
nextThe next minute she was gone.
fullThe meeting lasted for a full minute
firstThe clock ticked past the first minute of the game.
longHer heart pounded as she sat there enduring the long minute until the doctor came out.
moreThe details were more minute than necessary.
singleI can't believe I wasted an entire single minute on that pointless task.
mostThe most minute details of the plan were carefully considered.
nearestThe time is now 10:35 to the nearest minute
spareI'll finish this report in my spare minute
possibleWe have a possible minute delay.
additionalI have an additional minute to spare.
extraI have an extra minute to spare.
exactWe'll meet in the lobby at the exact minute the clock strikes 12.
fiveThe movie will start in five minutes.
twoI'll be there in two minutes.
briefThe brief minute passed like a fleeting dream.
damnI'll be there in a damn minute
tenWe waited for ten minutes before the bus arrived.
silentDuring the silent minute we remembered all those who had lost their lives.
famousThat record lasted for only a famous minute
blessedMay this blessed minute bring you great joy and happiness.
dueI will be there in due minute
fifthThe fifth minute of the game was the most exciting.
perThe car was traveling at a speed of 60 miles per minute
preciousDon't waste your precious minute doing something worthless.
happyEvery happy minute makes your life more meaningful.
availableI have a few available minutes this afternoon.
threeThe whole process will only take three minutes.
disCome round dis minute
quietI crave a quiet minute to gather my thoughts.
fiftyThe lesson lasted for fifty minutes.
tenthThe goal was scored in the tenth minute
theI'll call you the minute I get there.
goddamn'Goddamn minute,' she thought, and slowly climbed to her feet.
preciseThe precise minute the rally began was not announced.
uneJe reviens dans une minute
sixthThe goal was scored in the sixth minute
damnedThat damned minute stretched into an eternity of fear.
unforgivingEvery unforgiving minute weighs heavy on his fragile heart.
ninthThe goal was scored in the ninth minute
undatedI don't have any undated minutes.

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