Adjectives for Mission

Adjectives For Mission

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mission, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of literature and communication, the word 'mission' often carries a weight of purpose and intention. When paired with adjectives like 'first,' it denotes a groundbreaking endeavor, while 'special' suggests a unique or confidential objective. 'Diplomatic' missions are fraught with political nuance, often weaving through delicate international relations. A 'divine' mission, meanwhile, elevates the task to a spiritual or transcendent level, and 'military' describes actions with strategic and defense-oriented goals. Finally, the descriptor 'important' highlights the critical nature or high priority of the mission. Each adjective enriches the noun with specific connotations and contexts, inviting readers to explore the deeper meanings behind these combinations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'mission' below, each bringing its own distinct shade of interpretation.
firstThe astronaut went on his first mission to the moon.
specialThe agent was sent on a special mission to infiltrate the enemy camp.
diplomaticThe diplomatic mission was a success.
divineThe divine mission of Jesus was to save humanity from sin.
militaryThe military mission was successful in achieving its objectives.
importantThe astronauts had an important mission to fulfill on the Moon.
primaryThe primary mission of the organization is to provide support to the local community.
christianThe missionaries were sent out on their Christian mission
americanThis American mission is not only to have the greatest economy in the world, but more importantly, to be a good neighbor.
civilizingThe United States often justified its imperial expansion with the idea of a civilizing mission
britishThe British mission was to secure the Suez Canal.
historicThe historic mission was successful in achieving its goals.
frenchThe French mission was a success.
historicalThe historical mission has been accomplished.
dangerousThe dangerous mission was fraught with peril and uncertainty.
educationalThe university's educational mission is to produce graduates who are well-rounded and intellectually curious.
foreignThe foreign mission ended with a meeting between the two delegates
religiousWe must not confuse a religious mission with an ego trip.
originalWe have forgotten our original mission
sacredThe sacred mission of the organization was to provide aid to those in need.
findingThe team went on a finding mission to locate the lost hiker.
trueHis true mission was to find the lost city.
englishThe English mission in America began in the early 17th century.
officialThe official mission of the organization is to promote peace and understanding.
overallAs a result, its overall mission to advance science in the public interest was placed in jeopardy.
jesuitThe Jesuit mission in the Amazon has been working to protect the rainforest for decades.
gentileWe welcome you on this gentile mission with hopes of establishing new frontiers of knowledge.
delicateThe delicate mission required utmost precision and secrecy.
germanThe German mission was established in the 19th century.
spiritualMy spiritual mission is to help others find their true purpose in life.
propheticThe prophet fulfilled his prophetic mission
difficultThe special forces were assigned a difficult mission to infiltrate enemy territory.
indianThe Indian mission in Nepal is working to strengthen ties between the two countries.
russianThe Russian mission to Mars was a success.
spanishThe Spanish mission was built in the 18th century.
holyThe religious group embraced the holy mission of spreading their faith.
culturalThe museum had a cultural mission to preserve and display important artifacts.
universalThe organization has a universal mission to promote peace and understanding.
permanentThe permanent mission of the United Nations was established in 1946.
sovietThe Soviet mission was to establish a communist satellite state in Afghanistan.
protestantThe Protestant mission in China was started by Robert Morrison in 1807.
organizationalThe company's organizational mission is to provide excellent customer service.
nobleThe organization has a noble mission of providing free education to underprivileged children.
peacekeepingThe peacekeeping mission was sent to the region to help stabilize the situation.
apostolicThe apostolic mission of the Church is to spread the Gospel to all nations.
chineseThe Chinese mission to Mars is a significant milestone in space exploration.
jointThe rescue team embarked on a joint mission to save the stranded climbers.
uniqueEach of our schools has a unique mission
japaneseThe Japanese mission to Mars was successful.
imperialThe imperial mission to conquer new lands was met with fierce resistance.
dayThe astronauts' day mission was to collect moon rock samples.
corporateOur corporate mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.
institutionalThe institutional mission is to provide a quality education to all students.
civilisingThe British had a civilising mission to bring Christianity and Western values to India.
humanitarianThe medical team's humanitarian mission was to provide aid to the earthquake victims.
messianicThe messianic mission of the Messiah is to bring peace and salvation to the world.

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