Adjectives for Modern

Adjectives For Modern

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing modern, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives linked with the noun 'modern' reveals a rich tapestry of time and perspective. From the 'early' beginnings that hint at the dawn of new eras to the 'late' developments marking the culmination of evolving ideas, each adjective serves as a time capsule. The use of 'more' and 'most' reflects a comparative journey of progression and refinement, while 'secondary' and 'ancient' anchor the term in its historical context, offering a glimpse into its lineage and transformation. Understanding these nuances opens up a deeper appreciation of how we perceive and chronicle advancement and change. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the various shades of 'modern' below.
moreThe new building has a more modern design than the old one.
mostThe most modern smartphone has a high-resolution display.
earlyThe early modern period was a time of great change and upheaval.
secondaryStudents at the local secondary modern school excelled in their recent exams.
ancientThe ancient modern building had a unique charm.
lateLate modern society is characterized by a high degree of complexity and differentiation.
prePre modern art is defined as art created before the 19th century.
lessI prefer the more traditional, less modern decor.
ultraHis ultra modern house features glass walls and solar panels.
peculiarlyThe chest was peculiarly modern for its time.
traditionalThe traditional modern style of the house was very appealing.
veryThe sleek and chic interior of the newly renovated apartment was very modern
quiteShe lives in a quite modern flat.
largestThe largest modern aquarium complex in the world is in Atlanta, Georgia.
astonishinglyThe astonishingly modern design of the house caught the attention of everyone who passed by.
trueThe true modern endpoint of the spectrum is about being yourself.
medievalThe medieval modern castle stands tall on a hill, overlooking the town below.
typicalThe typical modern office has an open floor plan.
yearYear modern urban areas have made efforts to accommodate and include people with disabilities.
leastThe town's houses were least modern
classicalClassical modern music merges aspects of the old with the new.
singularlyThe singularly modern design of the skyscraper stood out against the traditional architecture of the city.
danishThe Danish modern furniture pieces were beautiful.
primitiveThe primitive modern art form was a reflection of the artist's inner world.
sophisticatedThe venue was decorated in a sophisticated modern style.
valiantHer valiant modern campaign brought about a new era of equality.
distinctivelyThe distinctively modern building stood out against the classic architecture of the surrounding area.
uniquelyThe uniquely modern design of the building stood out in the historic district.
classicThe classic modern chair is a staple of mid-century design.
soundThe sound modern artists are always experimenting with new techniques.
swedishThe coffee table was Swedish modern
calledThe school has a lot of educations called modern
prettyWe are using pretty modern technology these days.
freshestThe freshest modern music can be found on this playlist.
enlightenedPolitical theorists predict that promoting universal values abroad will lead to an enlightened modern world.
flatAn example sentence for flat modern is needed.
handThe hand modern painting was the most popular exhibit in the museum.
jejuneThe jejune modern art piece was not appreciated by the discerning critics.
newestThe newest modern technologies are developing rapidly.
whimsicalThe whimsical modern sculpture stood out against the plain background.
wretchedThe wretched modern world left her feeling empty and alone.
finestThe finest modern car is powered by an electric motor.
partThe home is part modern and part historic.
proPro modern technologies are emerging rapidly.
archaicShe wielded the archaic modern blade with deadly efficiency.
latestThe latest modern technologies are revolutionizing the way we live.
neoThis house has a neo modern architectural design.
civilizedShe was one of the most civilized modern women of his acquaintance.
biggestThe biggest modern furniture I have ever bought is the couch in my living room.
ingeniousThe ingenious modern engineer designed a bridge that could withstand earthquakes.
technologicallyThe technologically modern tools were used to create a revolutionary new product.

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