Adjectives for Module

Adjectives For Module

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing module, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'module' can significantly alter the perception of your sentence, bringing nuances that enhance clarity and specificity. The adjective 'new' implies a module recently developed or updated, offering fresh functionalities or improvements. 'Single' suggests a module operating independently or focused on a solitary function, contrasting with 'main,' which indicates it's the primary component among others. A 'lunar module' evokes images of space exploration, while 'separate' signifies a module that can function distinctly from the rest. The term 'standard' refers to a module following established norms or specifications. These adjectives provide a richer understanding of the module in question, setting the stage for more detailed descriptions. Explore the full list of adjectives to find the perfect word that captures the essence of your module.
newThe new module has been installed and is ready to use.
singleThe single module can be reused in multiple projects.
lunarThe lunar module landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.
mainThe main module is responsible for coordinating the execution of the program.
separateThe separate module is maintained by a different team.
standardThis program uses a standard module for string manipulation.
basicThis is a basic module
secondMy second module for my class starts at 4pm.
particularWe are going to integrate the particular module into the system.
nextI'll see you in the next module
specificThe system will only use the specific module to complete the task.
electronicThe electronic module malfunctioned during the flight.
levelThe course has three level modules to make the learning easier for the students.
currentThe current module is responsible for managing the state of the application.
thirdThe third module is composed of four key sections.
entireThe entire module can be reused as a drop-in replacement for the previous version.
functionalThis functional module is designed to perform a specific task within the larger system.
appropriateThe appropriate module for this task is the one that handles data processing.
typicalThe typical module provides a standard interface for interacting with a specific type of hardware or software component.
soundThe sound module amplified the music played by the band.
basedThe based module is an important part of the system.
centralThe central module of the spacecraft was responsible for controlling its navigation and communication systems.
correspondingWe are able to set the value of the corresponding module by using the functions in the configuration file.
executableThe executable module contains the code and data that are needed to run a program.
simpleThe simple module makes it easy to do common tasks.
additionalThe additional module enhanced the functionality of the software.
independentThis independent module is specifically designed to automate complex tasks.
optional"The optional module can be installed if needed."
completeI have completed the complete module
externalThe external module provides additional functionality to the main program.
opticalThe optical module is a device that converts electrical signals into optical signals, allowing for long-distance data transmission.
expertThe expert module provides detailed information on a specific topic.
loadableThe loadable module can be inserted into the kernel at runtime.
faultyThe faulty module caused the system to malfunction.
integratedThe integrated module was seamlessly assimilated into the system, enhancing its functionality with minimal disruptions.
lineThis line module is very useful.
dynamicThe dynamic module enables developers to extend the functionality of their applications.
solarThe solar module generates electricity from sunlight.
genericThis generic module is designed to offer greater flexibility in constructing complex software systems.
instructionalThe instructional module provided comprehensive guidance on the subject matter.
topThe top module is the highest level of a component or system.
remoteThe remote module was inaccessible due to network issues.
structuralThe structural module is designed to withstand high loads.
cognitiveThe cognitive module analyzed the data and produced a report.
orbitalThe orbital module of the spacecraft detached successfully.
digitalThe digital module allows for remote access to the system.
footThe foot module is responsible for controlling the movement of the foot.
subThe sub module was successfully integrated into the main project.
specializedThe researchers constructed a specialized module to improve the accuracy of the predictions.
fourthThe fourth module will cover advanced data analysis techniques.
diagnosticThe diagnostic module detected a problem in the system.
processingThey attached the processing module to the central computer.
100The 100 module is a great way to learn about the basics of programming.
dualThe recent advancements in cellular and wireless technologies along with the dual module design of next generation wireless devices demands for huge data rate.
visualThe visual module of the camera is very high-resolution.
netConnect the client to the HTTP server using the net module
globalThe global module provides a namespace for the built-in objects, such as functions, exceptions, and classes.
interactiveThe interactive module engages learners in a dynamic and immersive learning experience.
syntacticThe syntactic module is a component of a compiler that performs syntax analysis.
innateThe innate module of the human brain allows us to quickly recognize faces.
contentThe content module provides a structured way of organizing and presenting learning materials.
chipThe chip module is a small, self-contained unit that can be plugged into a larger system.
pressurizedThe pressurized module was attached to the space station.
onlineI am currently taking an online module in computer science.
terminalThe signal was sent to a terminal module on the other end of the communication line.
cohesive"Reliability and validity are the most cohesive modules of the questionnaire"

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