Adjectives for Moment

Adjectives For Moment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing moment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'moment' can finely tune the emotional and temporal precision of your sentence. A 'very' moment emphasizes intensity, a 'last' moment touches on the transient nature of time, the 'present' moment focuses on the here and now, while the 'same' moment speaks to shared experiences. A 'next' moment invites anticipation, and a 'critical' moment underscores a pivotal turning point. Each adjective paints a unique shade of time, allowing writers to encapsulate the fleeting, the immediate, and the crucial with nuanced accuracy. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'moment' and enrich your writing.
lastHe decided to buy the car at the last moment
presentFocus on the present moment to appreciate the beauty of life.
sameIt struck me at the same moment that something was amiss.
nextThe next moment he was gone.
criticalThe critical moment arrived, and we had to make a decision.
longIn that long moment the world seemed to stand still.
rightI'll tell him everything at the right moment
briefAmidst the whirlwind of events, they shared a brief moment of tranquility.
particularI will always cherish the particular moment when we first met.
magneticThe magnetic moment of the electron is a fundamental property that characterizes its magnetic behavior.
singleExperiencing it was a single moment of perfect harmony.
bendingThe beam is subjected to a bending moment of 12 kNm.
possibleWe will discuss this at the earliest possible moment
crucialWe are facing a crucial moment in our campaign and we need your support to win.
preciseI met him at the precise moment
historicalThe signing of the Declaration of Independence was a historical moment that changed the course of the world.
earliestThe earliest moment I remember seeing my father was when I was seven years old.
opportuneThe opportune moment arrived for them to make their move.
decisiveWhen it came time to decide, she made her choice in a decisive moment
exactI remember the exact moment I met my best friend.
supremeThe supreme moment of horror was when he realized he was trapped.
fleetingThe fleeting moment passed by so quickly that I barely had time to savor it.
properThe proper moment to speak will come eventually.
maximumThis is the maximum moment
psychological"It's all about catching the right psychological moment."
dramaticThe jury's verdict was a dramatic moment in the trial.
greatestMy greatest moment was when I finally got to meet my idol.
happyWe shared a happy moment together.
appropriate"May I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the appropriate moment you gave to me."
favourableWaiting for the favourable moment he made his move.
propitiousThe propitious moment had finally arrived, and she took a deep breath before stepping out.
awfulHe was embarrassed, and for an awful moment he wished he could vanish into thin air.
awkwardThe silence stretched into an awkward moment
electricThe electric moment of the molecule is a measure of the separation of the positive and negative charges.
negativeI had a negative moment when I lost my phone.
terribleHe felt a terrible moment of regret.
historicThe moon landing was a historic moment in human history.
rareIn a rare moment of respite, I sat back and enjoyed the silence.
favorableThe favorable moment to act is now.
unguardedShe took advantage of his unguarded moment to escape.
solemnA solemn moment of remembrance brought tears to her eyes.
spareI tried to accomplish a lot during my spare moment
quietIn the quiet moment she found solace from the chaos of the day.
wrongThe wrong moment to speak your mind is right after you've had an argument.
tenseEveryone held their breath in anticipation as the climber reached the summit, creating a tense moment
auspiciousThe auspicious moment had finally arrived, and the couple exchanged vows.
dullThe movie dragged on with no dull moment in sight.
climacticThe climactic moment was a fierce battle that ultimately decided the fate of the kingdom.
fatalIn that fatal moment everything changed.
difficultIt was a difficult moment when I lost my job.
excitingI couldn't believe it was finally happening; this was such an exciting moment
pivotalThe pivotal moment arrived when she realized her true calling in life.
dipoleThe dipole moment of a molecule is a measure of its polarity.
polarThe polar moment of the cross-section is a measure of its resistance to twisting.
anxiousI can still vividly remember the anxious moment when I found out my final exam result.
silentThe silent moment stretched interminable, like an endless void.
worstIt was the worst moment of my life when I realized I had lost my job.
inopportuneThe inopportune moment came when he started snoring during the important presentation.
happiestThe happiest moment of my life was the day my child was born.
resultantThe resultant moment of the force couple is zero.
machiavellianHe revealed a Machiavellian moment when he slyly manipulated the situation to his advantage.

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