Adjectives for Monthly

Adjectives For Monthly

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing monthly, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjective paired with the noun 'monthly' significantly shapes our understanding, whether discussing finances, literature, or general occurrences. 'Payable' evokes a sense of obligation, hinting at regular financial commitments. 'Literary' transports us to the world of periodicals and publications that mark the passage of time with thoughtful reflections. 'New' suggests fresh beginnings or updates, keeping content current and engaging. The adjective 'popular' points towards widely recognized or eagerly anticipated monthly occurrences, while 'average' sets a benchmark for comparison. Lastly, 'published' underscores the importance of dissemination and accessibility of information or creative works on a consistent basis. Each of these adjectives unlocks a unique perspective on the diverse implications of 'monthly.' Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the multifaceted nuances they bring.
payableThe rent is payable monthly
literaryThe literary monthly was filled with interesting short stories and poems.
newI'm excited about the new monthly subscription box.
popularThe popular monthly magazine featured an article about the latest trends in fashion.
averageIt costs approximately $100 per month for an average monthly mortgage payment.
publishedThe magazine is published monthly
atlantic"The Atlantic Monthly" is a monthly online magazine that covers politics, culture, and society.
religiousJane read a religious monthly while waiting for the doctor.
semiThe company pays its employees semi monthly
pageThe page monthly downloads have increased from one million to two million.
availableThere are many available monthly apartments in this area.
americanMy favorite American monthly is Harper's.
anticThe antic monthly festivities have commenced.
dueRent for the apartment is due monthly
prestigiousThe prestigious monthly magazine featured an article on the latest scientific discoveries.
theoreticalThe theoretical monthly of the work was forty hours.
culturalIt was a cultural monthly including a blend of sociocultural, political, economic, artistic, and environmental concerns.
tlanticThe Atlantic Monthly is an American magazine known for its literary and political essays.
mathematicalI subscribed to the mathematical monthly last year.
scientificI read an interesting article in the scientific monthly
influentialThe influential monthly magazine has been in circulation for over 50 years.
independentHe earns an independent monthly income.
officialThe official monthly report was released yesterday.
threeShe paid three monthly installments on her new car.
currentThe current monthly payment is $1,200.
englishI subscribed to an English monthly to improve my reading skills.
socialistThe socialist monthly was filled with articles about the latest political events.
excellentHer excellent monthly sales performance earned her a bonus.
liberalI have been reading a liberal monthly for years now.
chineseI was able to save about 200 yuan--a large sum for a Chinese monthly wage.
glossyThe glossy monthly contained several articles about the latest fashion trends.
leastWe are expecting to work least monthly
sixpenceHe received sixpence monthly as his pay.
hindiI get a hindi monthly magazine from the library every month.
languageI always read a foreign language monthly to practice my language skills.
germanI enjoy reading the german monthly magazine.
meanThe mean monthly temperature is 10 degrees celsius.
lanticI've been reading the Atlantic Monthly for years.
netMy net monthly pay is $1,500.
convertibleThe convertible monthly rate is $1,000.
examinationA medical examination monthly is required for all employees.
radicalThe radical monthly magazine promoted a counterculture lifestyle.
freshI get a fresh monthly delivery of organic produce.
southernI enjoy reading the Southern monthly magazine.
feministI subscribe to a feminist monthly to keep up with the latest news and perspectives on gender equality.
basedWe pay our employees on a based monthly salary.
intellectualThe intellectual monthly invited me to write an article for their latest issue.
yiddishI read a yiddish monthly
periodicalThe periodical monthly report was submitted on time.
mimeographedThe mimeographed monthly is distributed to all members.
famousI read a famous monthly magazine about science.
slickThe slick monthly magazine featured the latest trends in fashion and beauty.
theologicalThe theological monthly is a publication that covers topics related to theology
waiSorry, I do not understand the meaning of 'wai monthly'.
sixShe had paid her six monthly subscription to the magazine.
philosophicalI enjoy reading the latest issue of the philosophical monthly
musicalI subscribed to the musical monthly for the latest news on classical music concerts.
weeklyThe weekly monthly newsletter is arriving in your inbox.
crownThe king will crown monthly henceforth.
knownThe known monthly cost of the subscription is $12.
comicI love reading comic monthly
valuableThe valuable monthly insights helped me make informed investment decisions.
communistI read the communist monthly regularly.
midThe mid monthly report will be delivered on the 15th.
optometricThe optometric monthly provided valuable insights into the latest research and developments in the field.

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