Adjectives for Months

Adjectives For Months

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing months, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'months' profoundly impacts the conveyed message, subtly altering time's perception. Words like 'few' and 'several' hint at a certain brevity or moderation in duration, perhaps suggesting an impending deadline or a brief season of change. 'First' and 'last' introduce notions of beginnings and conclusions, evoking feelings of nostalgia or anticipation. Meanwhile, 'many' and 'next' stretch the timeline, offering a sense of continuity or future planning. Each adjective shades the context differently, painting a unique temporal landscape. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with 'months' to explore the timeframes and nuances they represent.
fewThe renovations took a few months to complete.
severalThey spent several months in the forest.
firstI still have a lot to learn in my first months here.
lastWe had a lot of rain last months
manyShe had been preparing for many months
nextWe'll be having a meeting next months
pastI have been working hard for the past months
earlyDuring the early months the baby slept soundly.
recentI have been very busy with work in recent months
previousThe previous months had been very difficult for the company.
followingHe spent the following months working hard to achieve his goals.
hotI hate the hot months
coldThe cold months brought with them a stillness that was almost eerie.
consecutiveShe applied to many jobs five consecutive months
lunarThe Chinese calendar is based on the lunar months
warmThe warm months are the best time to enjoy the outdoors.
dryThe dry months of the year are typically the hottest.
warmerThe warmer months are upon us, so it's time to start enjoying the outdoors.
subsequentHis sales figures improved dramatically in subsequent months
oneWe have one months to complete this project.
sixShe had been working there for six months
wearyThe weary months had taken their toll on the exhausted traveler.
precedingThe decision followed months of speculation and was made after extensive consultations in the preceding months
threeI have been working on this project for three months
colderAs the colder months approach, the leaves start to change color and fall from the trees.
hottestThe summer months were the hottest months of the year.
rainyThe rainy months were unbearable and full of gloom.
coldestThe coldest months here are December and January.
coolerThe cooler months are approaching quickly.
busyThe busy months of summer were filled with tourists.
spentI spent months preparing for the interview.
leanThe lean months were hard on the family, but they managed to get through them.
warmestThe warmest months are from June to August.
drearyDuring the dreary months the sun seemed distant and the nights were endless.
absentShe has absent months she can't recall due to a head injury.
nineThe pregnancy lasted nine months
fourWe plan to finish the project within four months
anxiousShe spent anxious months waiting for news of her missing husband.
driestThe driest months are typically December through March.
twelveThe entire project took twelve months to complete.
wettestThe wettest months of the year are May, June, and July.
alternateI get paid on alternate months
scantHe had been in charge only scant months when the crisis struck.

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