Adjectives for Mother

Adjectives For Mother

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mother, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a mother adds layers of meaning, emotion, and context to your sentence. The word own signifies possession and a deep, personal connection. Dear conveys warmth and affection, highlighting the cherished nature of the bond. Poor suggests a narrative of struggle or empathy, adding a layer of sympathy. A good mother is often seen as nurturing and kind, embodying the ideal. Old can reflect wisdom and experience, whereas young may imply energy and a contemporary approach to motherhood. Each adjective opens up a hue of stories and emotions, painting a nuanced picture of motherhood. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives and the unique shades of meaning they bring to the word mother below.
ownI can't believe he ran away from his own mother
dearDear mother I love you so much.
poorThe poor mother was distraught over her lost child.
goodShe is a good mother and her children all love her.
oldOld mother Hubbard went to the cupboard.
youngThe young mother held her newborn child closely, marveling at the miracle of new life.
widowedThe widowed mother struggled to raise her children alone.
fosterThe foster mother took good care of the orphaned child.
singleThe single mother struggled to make ends meet throughout her life.
stepThe boy was very close to his step mother
deadI haven't seen my dead mother in years.
realThe real mother was reportedly in jail when her child was taken by the Waco Police Department and handed over to CPS.
agedShe barely had time to take care of her aged mother who lived far away.
expectantThe expectant mother anxiously awaited the arrival of her precious baby.
surrogateThe surrogate mother carried the baby to term for the infertile couple.
belovedThe beloved mother lovingly embraced her newborn child.
dearestDearest mother please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
biologicalThe biological mother of the child was not present at the hearing.
adoptiveMy adoptive mother is the best mom in the world.
unmarriedThe unmarried mother struggled to make ends meet.
holyHoly mother I can't believe I won the lottery!
badThe bad mother had no remorse for what she had done.
trueThe true mother of the child is unknown.
sickThe sick mother cuddled her child close.
pregnantThe pregnant mother was excited to meet her new baby.
anxiousThe anxious mother paced the waiting room, her eyes darting to the door every few seconds.
beautifulThe most beautiful mother in the world is my mother.
devotedSarah is a devoted mother who always puts her children first.
happyThe happy mother held her newborn baby in her arms.
piousThe pious mother spent much of her time in prayer and meditation.
excellentShe is an excellent mother who takes good care of her children.
elderlyMy elderly mother is doing well.
wiseA wise mother counsels her child to listen to their conscience.
proudThe proud mother beamed as she watched her daughter receive her diploma.
blessedThe blessed mother watched over her sleeping children.
wonderfulI can't thank my wonderful mother enough for all she does for me.
bereavedThe bereaved mother wept softly as she recalled the day she lost her child.
gentleThe gentle mother sang her baby a lullaby.
unhappyThe unhappy mother sobbed as she watched her child play happily.
divorcedThe divorced mother took her son to school every morning.
deceasedHe inherited a large sum of money from his deceased mother
divineI pray to the divine mother for guidance and protection.
perfectMy mom is the perfect mother
diabeticMy diabetic mother needs to check her blood sugar regularly.
timeThe time mother watched her children grow up.
invalidThe invalid mother's child was taken into custody by social services.
prospectiveThe prospective mother is preparing for the baby's arrival.
infectedThe infected mother was quarantined in the hospital.
grandMy grand mother is a kind-hearted woman.
saintedMy sainted mother would never have approved of such behavior.
idealShe is an ideal mother who always takes care of her children.
irishShe inherited her love of cooking from her Irish mother
teenageAlthough the incidence of teenage mothers has declined, we still have a long way to go.
hisHe loves his mother very much.
indulgentHaving no other children to take care of, the indulgent mother spoiled her only son with any and all luxuries.
unfortunateThe unfortunate mother spent her life savings caring for her sick child.
nobleThe noble mother loved her children dearly.
absentThe child grew up with an absent mother and a distant father.
classThe class mother organized a field trip to the museum for the students.
earthThe earth mother goddess is revered by many cultures.
domineeringThe domineering mother controlled every aspect of her son's life.
dotingThe doting mother watched her child play with an affectionate smile.
alcoholicMy alcoholic mother made living at home difficult.

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