Adjectives for Mouse

Adjectives For Mouse

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mouse, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a mouse can paint very different pictures. A little mouse evokes images of something delicate and cute, perhaps scurrying across a room. A white mouse might remind someone of a laboratory or pet, whereas an anti-mouse sentiment could arise from discussions about pest control. The mention of a dead mouse evokes a grim scene, in contrast to the venerable image of an old mouse, which could suggest wisdom or the passage of time. Each adjective brings its unique flavor and meaning, shaping our perception. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly used with 'mouse' and their nuanced influences below.
littleThe little mouse scurried through the grass.
andThe cat and mouse chased each other around the house.
whiteThe white mouse scurried across the table.
antiThe anti mouse trap worked effectively.
deadI found a dead mouse in my kitchen.
oldThe old mouse scampered away into its hole.
normalThe normal mouse ran across the floor.
nudeThe nude mouse a laboratory animal with a compromised immune system, is commonly used in cancer research.
footedThe footed mouse quickly disappeared into its hole.
transgenicThe transgenic mouse is a powerful tool for studying gene function.
maleThe male mouse scurried across the floor.
femaleThe female mouse scurried across the floor.
commonThe common mouse is a small rodent that is found in many parts of the world.
poorThe poor mouse was chased by the cat.
tinyI saw a tiny mouse running across the floor.
buttonThe button mouse was very sensitive.
newbornThe newborn mouse was tiny and pink.
mutantThe mutant mouse exhibited a remarkable resistance to cancer.
deficientThe deficient mouse model showed a significant decrease in motor function.
brownThe little brown mouse scurried across the floor, its tiny body barely visible.
grayShe faded into the background like a gray mouse
tailedThe tailed mouse searched for something to eat in the kitchen.
liveThe cat watched the live mouse with curious eyes.
shrewThe tiny shrew mouse scurried through the undergrowth, its whiskers twitching nervously.
diabeticThe diabetic mouse model is a valuable tool for studying the effects of diabetes on the body.
infectedThe infected mouse was not able to escape the maze.
hairlessThe hairless mouse scampered across the floor.
obeseThe obese mouse was running on the wheel.
pregnantThe pregnant mouse scurried about the cage, searching for food.
wildThe wild mouse darted across the floor, leaving a trail of tiny footprints.
opticalThe optical mouse is more precise than the traditional one.
frightenedThe frightened mouse scurried away as the cat approached.
serialThe old computer used a serial mouse to connect to the system.
albinoThe albino mouse scurried across the table.
adultThe adult mouse was used in the experiment.
mechanicalThe mechanical mouse was running all over the desk.
fatThe fat mouse scurried under the bed, its tiny eyes darting around.
spinyThe spiny mouse is a small rodent that is native to the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East.
standardThe standard mouse is an input device that controls the cursor on a computer screen.
nullThe null mouse scurried under the door.
greyShe was a grey mouse in the corner, unnoticed and ignored.
neonatalNeonatal mouse models are often used to study the effects of early-life stress on brain development.
swissThe Swiss mouse is a breed of laboratory mouse.
culturedThe cultured mouse cells were observed to have different growth patterns.
ratI saw a rat mouse running across the floor.
inbredAn inbred mouse is a mouse that has been bred from parents that are closely related.
embryonicI am studying the embryonic mouse
woodThe wood mouse is a small rodent that is found in forests throughout Europe and Asia.
irradiatedResearchers tested the effects of irradiated mouse embryonic stem cells
treatedThe treated mouse showed a significant improvement in its motor skills.
timidThe timid mouse scampered away from the cat.
marsupialThe marsupial mouse is a small, nocturnal animal found in Australia.
backedThe backed mouse inched along the wall.
quietThe quiet mouse scurried through the grass
yellowThe yellow mouse scurried across the floor.
goldenThe golden mouse scurried across the forest floor.
dystrophicThe dystrophic mouse model is widely used to study muscular dystrophy.
chimericI am a chimeric mouse and I have a lot of different traits.
wirelessI use a wireless mouse to control my computer from anywhere in the room.
fieldThe tiny field mouse scampered through the meadow, its whiskers twitching.
mickeyMickey mouse is a popular cartoon character.
seaThe sea mouse drifted slowly along the ocean current.
intactThe intact mouse was used as a control.
jointThe joint mouse is a small, furry rodent that is found in many parts of the world.
stripedThe striped mouse scurried through the grass.
recipientThe recipient mouse was quickly placed back in its cage.
typeI've always preferred the type mouse with the scroll wheel.
nonobeseObesity in humans causes a number of health problems for the nonobese mouse

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