Adjectives for Move

Adjectives For Move

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing move, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a move can significantly alter the perception of the action. A 'bold move' suggests courage and innovation, evoking a sense of admiration. Conversely, calling it a 'false move' implies a mistake or misjudgment, leading to potential consequences. The descriptor 'wise' infers that the move was made with great thought and knowledge, showcasing prudence and foresight. Meanwhile, referring to it as the 'first move' places emphasis on initiative and possibly strategic advantage. Each adjective adds its unique flavor, painting a vivid picture of the circumstances surrounding the move. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany the noun 'move' and explore the nuances each brings.
nextI'm not sure what my next move will be.
firstThe first move was made by the pawn.
suchSuch move is a step in the right direction.
boldThe CEO's decision to lay off half the staff was a bold move
falseAny false move could land you in jail.
wiseBuying that house was a wise move
wrongThat was the wrong move
bestHer best move was to ignore it completely.
smartMaking a smart move the team scored the winning goal.
strategicThe company's strategic move into the new market was a bold but calculated risk.
suddenThe sudden move startled the deer.
finalThe final move was ignored by the referee.
rightThe right move is to stay positive and keep moving forward.
badChoosing to pick a fight with a professional boxer was a bad move
bigThe sudden big move of the stock market surprised the traders.
significantThe company's significant move into the new market has been successful.
tacticalThe CEO's recent decision to downsize the company was a tactical move to improve profitability.
initialThe initial move of the game was a pawn advance.
cleverThe manager's clever move helped increase sales.
decisiveThe decisive move delivered a knockout blow to the opponent.
quickShe made a quick move to avoid getting hit by the ball.
shrewdThe shrewd move allowed the company to gain a competitive advantage.
forwardThe organization's forward move met with resistance.
positiveThe acquisition was a positive move for the company.
slightestThe slightest move would set off the alarm.
unprecedentedThe company's unprecedented move to acquire its rival has sent shockwaves through the industry.
sovietThe soviet move was met with fierce resistance from the local population.
desperateIn a desperate move the government raised taxes to fund the war.
dramaticThe dramatic move from the corner to the center of the stage was met with applause.
counterThe quarterback's counter move surprised the defense, resulting in a game-winning touchdown.
radicalThe radical move shocked the audience.
brilliantThe brilliant move led to a quick victory.
aggressiveThe aggressive move by the opposing team surprised the spectators.
unusualJohn made an unusual move by promoting a pawn to a knight.
latestMy latest move was a checkmate.
daringThe CEO made a daring move by investing in a new market.
unexpectedHis unexpected move surprised everyone.
gradualThe gradual move towards a more sustainable lifestyle is a positive step.
defensiveThe team made a defensive move to block the opponent's shot.
obviousThe obvious move was to take the pawn.
diplomaticThe diplomatic move was met with mixed reactions from both sides.
logicalMoving the heavy couch to the strongest corner of the room was a logical move after the earthquake.
latterThe politician's latter move was met with widespread criticism.
swiftThe fighter makes a swift move to dodge the punch.
successfulThe successful move was a game-changer for the team's performance.
deliberateThe team's cautious deliberate move paid off in the end.
dangerousThe merger was considered a dangerous move in the unpredictable geopolitical climate.
rapidHe made a rapid move to finish the game.
definiteHe said no to it with a definite move
hostileThe hostile move made the situation tense.
calculatedThe politician's calculated move to appeal to his base cost him the election.
upwardThe company's upward move in the market was impressive.
drasticThe CEO's drastic move to lay off half the workforce sent shockwaves through the company.
permanentHe decided to make a permanent move to the countryside.
astuteThat was a very astute move and it looks like it has certainly paid off.
riskyThe risky move paid off handsomely for the company.
crucialThe crucial move turned the tide of the game in their favor.
rhetoricalThe politician's rhetorical move was to appeal to the emotions of the voters.

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