Adjectives for Nail

Adjectives For Nail

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nail, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for 'nail' can significantly alter the mood and detail of your sentence. A 'rusty nail' evokes a sense of neglect or decay, illustrating the importance of maintenance and care. On the contrary, a 'long nail' might suggest something more hopeful or utilitarian, pointing towards potential for use or the precision in its crafting. The term 'final nail' often metaphorically denotes the ultimate act or decision that leads to a conclusive end, while 'intramedullary nail' takes us into the precise field of orthopedics, highlighting the adjectives' role in specifying context. Each adjective not only paints a different picture but also serves a distinct narrative purpose. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'nail' below, each narrating its unique story.
rustyThe carpenter used a rusty nail to fix the broken board.
lastThe last nail was hammered into place, completing the project.
longI had to cut my long nail because it was getting in the way.
intramedullaryThe surgeon inserted an intramedullary nail to stabilize the fractured bone.
smallI hammered a small nail into the wall to hang the picture.
singleI found a beautiful, single nail on the ground.
fingerI painted my finger nails a bright shade of red.
rightI hit the right nail on the head.
bigThe carpenter used a big nail to secure the wood.
commonThe common nail is a type of fastener that is typically used in woodworking.
pennyThe penny nail was a small, copper nail used in the construction of furniture and other items.
sharpThe cat's sharp nail scratched the furniture.
bentThe bent nail stuck out from the wood.
proximalThe proximal nail fold can be affected by a variety of conditions, including paronychia and nail psoriasis.
tenpennyI used a tenpenny nail to fix the loose plank.
inchThe rusty inch nail jutted out ominously from the rotting wood.
headedUse a headed nail to fix the wood together.
ingrownThe painful ingrown nail was causing him to limp.
entireI polished my entire nail with a clear coat.
ingrowingShe suffered from ingrowing nail
medullaryThe surgeon implanted a medullary nail to stabilize the fractured bone.
blackHer black nail polish chipped off.
shortHer short nail barely scratched the board.
redHer crimson red nail polish matched her lipstick perfectly.
flatI have a flat nail on my thumb.
hotOuch, I burnt my finger on the hot nail
finishingI needed to finish the trim so I reached for a finishing nail
thinI need to cut my thin nail
crookedMy crooked nail is slightly painful.
pointedShe used the pointed nail to scratch the lottery ticket.
manicuredShe admired the woman's perfectly manicured nails.
wroughtThe wrought nail held the two pieces of wood together firmly.
interlockingThe interlocking nail was used to stabilize the fractured bone.
shapedHer shaped nails were painted a deep shade of red.
thickThe thick nail pierced through the wood.
flangedThe carpenter used a flanged nail to secure the wood together.
shingleI used a shingle nail to attach the roofing shingles to the roof.
looseThe loose nail caused the tire to slowly deflate over time.
polishedShe showed off her freshly polished nails.
hugeThe huge nail was hammered into the wood with great force.
ordinaryI used an ordinary nail to hammer in the picture frame.
goldenThe golden nail was hammered into the wood with precision.
lateralThe lateral nail is the nail on the outer side of the finger or toe.
affectedThe doctor examined the patient's affected nail
curvedThe thick, curved nails of the mountain lion left deep gashes in the tree trunk.
rustedI stepped on a rusted nail and it hurt so much.
galvanizedThe galvanized nail held the wood firmly in place.
infectedAvoid touching the infected nail and keep it covered to prevent the spread of the infection.
distalThe distal nail grows more slowly than the other parts of the nail.
brightShe painted her nails a bright nail polish.
proverbialHe hit the proverbial nail on the head with his solution to the problem.
artificialShe got her artificial nails done yesterday.
broadThe vet trimmed Riley's broad nails.
drivenThe driven nail held the two pieces of wood together.
hangShe carefully clipped the hang nail off her finger
dirtyI scrubbed my dirty nail with a nail brush.
deformedHer deformed nail was the result of a childhood injury.
roundThe carpenter used a round nail to fix the loose board.
bluntThe door was held shut by a single blunt nail
sharpenedShe sharpened nail to a fine point.
woodenThe carpenter used a wooden nail to secure the loose board.
hookedThe hooked nail was firmly lodged in the wood.
straightThe carpenter used a straight nail to secure the wood.
tibialThe tibial nail was inserted into the medullary canal of the tibia.
tinyThe tiny nail held the picture in place.
sixpennyThe rusted sixpenny nail lay forgotten in the toolbox.
headlessThe headless nail protruded from the wall, a hazard waiting to happen.

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