Adjectives for Name

Adjectives For Name

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing name, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'name' can subtly change its meaning, adding layers of depth and context. A 'same name' may imply commonality or even destiny, while one's 'own name' conveys a sense of identity and individuality. 'First name' indicates familiarity, making the person more approachable. A 'new name' might denote a fresh start or a significant life change, whereas a 'real name' suggests authenticity, stripping away any façade. A 'good name', on the other hand, speaks to reputation and honor. Each combination unlocks a different aspect of identity and societal perception. Dive deeper into how adjectives transform the simple concept of a name below.
sameThey share the same name
ownMy own name is a beautiful gift from my parents.
firstHer first name is Lily.
newI want to change my name to a new name
realI'm sorry, I can't share my real name
goodHer good name was worth more to her than her reputation.
lastWhat is your last name?
commonThe common name of the species is the American alligator.
properMy proper name is John.
fullPlease enter your full name
veryHer very name was a contradiction.
christianShe chose to go by her christian name Elizabeth, instead of her surname.
genericThe generic name for ibuprofen is ibuprofen.
originalThe original name of the city was New Amsterdam.
badThat software has a bad name
holyI will praise Your holy name with songs of thanksgiving.
ancientThe city bore its ancient name Constantinople.
personalShe remembers her personal name
presentMy present name is Rick.
indianI love my indian name
middleMy middle name is Rose.
englishMy english name is Bob.
popularThe popular name for the creature is the angler fish.
trueMy true name is Sarah.
variableThe variable name should be descriptive and meaningful.
assumedThe witness had been using an assumed name to protect his identity.
officialThe official name of the United States of America is 'the United States of America'.
scientific"Ursus arctos" is the scientific name for the brown bear.
latinThe latin name for a dog is Canis Lupus Familiaris.
appropriateSamuel Clemens, who wrote under the appropriate name of Mark Twain, was an American author and humorist.
firmI have worked for the firm name for over 10 years.
betterHer painting a better name than her writing.
greekMy firstborn's Greek name is Penelope, meaning 'weaver'.
correctPlease write your correct name on the form.
formerThe company, which used to be known by its former name has now rebranded.
nativeThe native name of the city is Patna.
sacredThe sacred name of God is a powerful symbol of His authority and presence.
divineThe divine name is a sacred and powerful symbol.
alternativeThe new item has the alternative name of 'new thing'.
corporateI like to use the corporate name when I'm addressing a company.
familiarWe have a lot of familiar name companies on our list.
falseShe used a false name to avoid being recognized.
uniqueThat shop has a unique name that makes it easy to remember.
latter"Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar", referred to by the latter name is a Libyan military officer and politician.
mereThe mere name of the old mansion sent shivers down my spine.
penMany authors write under a pen name to protect their privacy.
romanAurelius was a Roman name commonly given to boys.
fictitiousThe attorney asked to verify the fictitious name he was using.
descriptiveHer descriptive name was just another pseudonym.
collectiveA group of birds is an example of a collective name
spanishMy Spanish name is Isabella.
famousThe famous name was known throughout the world.
prettyShe has a pretty name
gloriousThe glorious name resonated through the halls, echoing the greatness of its legacy.
strangeThe band had a strange name but their music was really good.
distinctiveThe restaurant had a distinctive name that set it apart from the others in the area.
fairHer fair name has been tarnished by these baseless rumors.
unusualMaria christened her baby with an unusual name
arabicMy arabic name is Ahmed.
tribalThe tribal name was originally given to the people by the British.
petMy dog's pet name is 'Fluffy'.
illustriousThe company has an illustrious name in the tech industry.
soundingThe new CEO has a rather distinctive-sounding name.
wrongThe boy called his teacher by the wrong name
irishShe had an Irish name that her grandmother gave her.
marriedHer married name is Jane Doe.
symbolicThe symbolic name of the file is a reference to the file's contents.
chemicalThe chemical name of water is H2O.

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