Adjectives for Narrative

Adjectives For Narrative

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing narrative, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Utilizing different adjectives to describe a 'narrative' can deeply alter its perception and impact. A 'historical narrative' suggests an account deeply rooted in past events, possibly shaping our understanding of history. A 'personal narrative,' on the other hand, offers an intimate glimpse into an individual's life and experiences, making it more relatable. Mentioning a 'biblical narrative' could evoke ancient, foundational stories known for their moral lessons. Opting for a 'simple narrative' emphasizes clarity and accessibility, while a 'whole narrative' suggests a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach. Lastly, a 'continuous narrative' implies a story without interruption, flowing smoothly through time or events. Each adjective not only modifies the narrative but also guides the reader's expectations and understanding. Dive into the full list of adjectives below to explore the varied nuances they bring to narratives.
historicalThe historical narrative of the event has been contested by many historians.
personal"Rich Little": a personal narrative by Jay Ingram
biblicalThe biblical narrative offers profound insights into the human condition.
wholeThe whole narrative was a fascinating tale of bravery and adventure.
personThe person narrative is a literary genre that tells a story from the perspective of a single character.
grandThe grand narrative of the American Dream is a powerful force in shaping the nation's identity.
briefThe book provided a brief narrative of the American Civil War.
oralShe wrote an oral narrative a conversation that was conducted and recorded by telephone.
mainThe main narrative revolves around the protagonist's journey of self-discovery.
shortThe short narrative captures the essence of the story.
coherentThe researcher found the study's coherent narrative to be most persuasive.
detailedThe detailed narrative outlined the history and events that transpired.
traditionalThe traditional narrative of the underdog prevailing against all odds has been captivating audiences for centuries.
entireThe entire narrative of the novel is told from the perspective of a young girl.
dramaticThe dramatic narrative unfolded, revealing the hidden truths and secrets that had been long concealed.
fictionalThe fictional narrative captivated readers with its vivid descriptions and intricate plot.
originalThe original narrative of the film was vastly different from the final cut.
autobiographicalThe author's autobiographical narrative recounts her experiences growing up in a small town.
linearThe novel had a linear narrative with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
largerThe larger narrative of history often obscures the individual stories of those who lived it.
epicThe epic narrative recounts the harrowing journey of the intrepid explorers.
sacredThe sacred narrative of the tribe was passed down through generations of oral tradition.
straightforwardThe straightforward narrative recounted the events of the day.
dominantThe dominant narrative in the media often reflects the interests of those in power.
connectedThe interconnected narrative of the novel explored the complex relationships between the characters.
completeThe novel features a complete narrative that follows the protagonist's journey from obscurity to stardom.
fictitiousThe fictitious narrative captivated the audience with its thrilling plot and suspenseful twists.
conventionalThe conventional narrative fails to capture the intricacies of her story.
clearThe clear narrative provided a coherent understanding of the complex events.
foregoingI find the foregoing narrative somewhat difficult to follow.
vividThe vivid narrative of the novel kept me on the edge of my seat.
literaryThe literary narrative unfolded as a profound exploration of the human condition.
aboveThe above narrative is a fictionalized account of events that may or may not have occurred.
officialThe official narrative is that the government is doing everything it can to help the people.
gospelA theology professor believes the gospel narrative contains valuable moral lessons and compelling historical teachings.
biographicalThe biographical narrative chronicles the extraordinary rise of a humble boy to a celebrated artist.
popularThe popular narrative about the event is that it was a hoax.
realisticThe realistic narrative of the film left a lasting impression on the audience.
mereThe essay was a mere narrative of the author's travels.
contemporaryThe contemporary narrative of the American Dream is one of upward mobility and economic success.
complexThe intricate storyline, with its myriad of interwoven characters and plotlines, presented a complex narrative tapestry.
subsequentThe subsequent narrative detailed the protagonist's journey to enlightenment.
poeticThe poetic narrative unfolded like a vibrant tapestry, weaving together vivid imagery and heartfelt emotions.
classicalThe classical narrative follows the structure of a beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
chronologicalThe chronological narrative of the novel follows the protagonist's journey from childhood to adulthood.
visualThe visual narrative unfolds through a series of interconnected images that tell a compelling story.
extendedThe extended narrative provided a deeper understanding of the events and characters.
livelyThe lively narrative kept me turning the pages long past my bedtime.
authenticWe are committed to providing an authentic narrative of our company's history.
heroicThe heroic narrative paints a vivid picture of the valiant knight's triumph over adversity.
mythicThe mythic narrative of the hero's journey resonates across cultures and time periods.
scripturalSarah, according to the scriptural narrative is the wife of Abraham.
mythicalThe mythical narrative of the hero's journey has been passed down through generations.
consecutiveThe detective followed the trail of clues, each one leading to the next in a consecutive narrative
straightThe straight narrative follows the linear progression of events.
faithfulThe faithful narrative of the journey resonated with all who read it.
retrospectiveThe retrospective narrative provided a comprehensive analysis of the project's successes and failures.
lengthyThe lengthy narrative captivated the audience with its intricate details and vivid imagery.

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