Adjectives for National

Adjectives For National

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing national, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'national' can significantly alter the tone and perception of a sentence, highlighting the intricate relationship between nations or perspectives within a single country. For instance, 'foreign national' often pertains to individuals from other countries, while 'multi-national' underscores businesses operating across borders. 'Liberal national' may suggest a progressive approach within a nation's policies, contrasting sharply with 'anti-national', which implies opposition to national interests. 'German national' specifies nationality, just as 'local national' emphasizes local citizenship or identity. The nuances these adjectives bring to 'national' enrich our understanding of global and domestic identities. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the diverse implications of each.
foreignThe foreign national was granted asylum in the United States.
multiThe multi national company expanded its operations into several new countries.
liberalThe liberal national party is a political party in Australia.
germanThe german national was very friendly.
localI went to talk to my local national bank.
subThe sub national unit is responsible for managing the local infrastructure.
japaneseThe Japanese national team won the gold medal.
britishThe British national was suspected of espionage.
frenchThe french national team has won the World Cup twice.
mexicanEnrique Peña Nieto, Mexican national was born on 20 July 1966.
indianThe indian national struggled to find work after graduating.
chineseThe Chinese national is a very proud person.
americanThe American national Insurance Company is a life insurance company.
panThe political rally took on a pan national importance.
supraSupra national organisations had become increasingly important in the late 20th century.
regionalThe regional national elections will be held next month.
dualAs a dual national he had to renounce one of his citizenships.
proShe is pro national
regimentThe regiment national was a group of soldiers of the same region.
postThe post national era is characterized by the increasing interdependence of nations.
swissThe Swiss national Bank is the central bank of Switzerland.
thirdThe third national vote was a success despite the high number of abstentions.
dutchI met a friendly Dutch national named Mark at the conference.
belgianMarie Curie was a belgian national
formerThe former national champion was defeated in the first round.
merrellThe trail was well-maintained and led through the dense forest of Merrell national
ethnicThe man is an ethnic national
turkishHe is a Turkish national
countryThe country national anthem is a patriotic song that is often played at official events.
italianThe italian national was proud of his country.
greekThe Greek national team is one of the most successful in the world.
spanishThe spanish national anthem is called Marcha Real
russianThe Russian national anthem is a patriotic song that is sung at official events in Russia.
polishThe Polish national anthem is a very beautiful song.
rentThe rent national was due on the first of the month.
nsoNSO national is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources to people with disabilities.
intraThe report provides an intra national comparison of the policies and practices of different countries.
conservativeThe conservative national government made several changes to the education system.
frontThe far-right Front national made gains in the recent elections.
democraticThe democratic national convention is a gathering of party members and delegates to nominate their party's candidates for president and vice president.
lessThe country has become less nationalistic in recent years.
wingThe wing national went by so quickly that I barely had time to blink.
quasiThe quasi national team played an exhibition match in Europe after the Olympic Games.
calledThe new rules, called national policy 23, threaten to end the program.
courtesyThe courtesy national flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Jack.
sovietThe Soviet national anthem was composed by Alexander Alexandrov.
israeliThe Israeli national is always ready to defend his country.
saudiThe Saudi national was arrested for overstaying his visa.
austrianThe Austrian national skied to victory in the downhill event.
canadianThe Canadian national Railway is one of the largest railway companies in North America.
stateThe state national took part in the voting.
cpiThe cpi national data shows the average price of all goods and services purchased by families of urban wage earners and clerical workers.
leastThe least national rank of students in the school was 15th.
koreanThe korean national team played well in the last world cup.
extremeThe Iranian nuclear deal was a sign of extreme national weakness.
swedishThe swedish national was seen at the art gallery.
reputedThe reputed national zoo was closed for renovations.

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