Adjectives for Native

Adjectives For Native

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing native, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the English language, the choice of adjectives when paired with the noun 'native' significantly colors the narrative, subtly altering perceptions. For instance, 'old native' may evoke a sense of tradition and history, while 'young native' suggests vitality and the future. 'Former native' introduces a storyline of change or displacement, offering a deeper narrative layer. Additionally, 'American native' or 'African native' pinpoint geographical and cultural identities, enriching the context with specificity. The term 'only native' brings an element of uniqueness or solitude, perhaps highlighting exclusivity or isolation. Each adjective, therefore, opens up a world of stories and connotations, inviting readers to delve into the subtle nuances that language can convey. Discover the full range of adjectives used with 'native' to explore the diverse narratives they can unfold.
oldThe old native told stories of his youth to the group of visitors.
formerThe former native was welcomed back to his village.
youngThe young native was eager to learn about the world outside his village.
americanThe American native population has been a part of the country for centuries.
africanThe African native performed a traditional dance.
onlyOnly native species can survive in this harsh environment.
singleThe single native walked through the forest.
australianThe Australian native was a very friendly and welcoming person.
averageThe average native speaker of English has a vocabulary of about 20,000 words.
intelligentThe school board is considering building a new school for the intelligent natives.
trueThis dish is cooked with true native ingredients.
alaskanThe Alaskan native Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Alaskan native culture.
educatedHe is an educated native of his country.
annualThe annual native gathering was held in the town square.
perennialThe perennial native lupines are blooming in the meadow.
tallThe tall native man walked through the village.
friendlyHe was greeted by a friendly native
indianThe indian native guided the explorers through the unfamiliar territory.
ordinaryThe ordinary native language of Canada is French and English.
wildThe wild native orchids were a beautiful sight to behold.
nonThe non native speaker struggled to understand the idiom.
blackI was born in a black native village.
aboriginalThe museum's collection of aboriginal native artifacts is vast.
christianThe Christian native helped the missionary translate the Bible into his native language.
richThe rich native enjoyed the finer things in life.
wealthyThe wealthy native had a large house in the heart of the city.
hardyThe hardy native plant has adapted to survive in the harsh climate.
maleThe male native was a skilled hunter.
learnedI visited the village of the learned native
europeanThe european native was a skilled hunter.
respectableThe respectable native had a small dog, which he loved very much.
tropicalThe tropical native danced gracefully to the beat of the drums.
femaleThe female native was born and raised in a remote village.
doubtfulThe doubtful native looked at me with suspicion.
typicalThe eagle was a typical native of the region.
oldestThe oldest native tree in the park is an oak.
unfortunateThe unfortunate native walked through the desert with little food or water.
elderlyThe elderly native wore a traditional headdress.
rawThe raw native oysters were served on a bed of ice.
handsomeThe handsome native was a sight to behold.
fellowThe fellow native was very friendly.
rareHis family kept rare native plants in their large yard.
northThe north natives have carved a place for themselves in the land over centuries.
primitiveThe primitive natives lived in harmony with nature.
genuineHe was quite a shy and genuine native of the southern uplands.
agedThe aged native watched the children play.
yearShe is a year native of Japan.
indigenousThe indigenous native population of the Amazon rainforest is facing many challenges.
solitaryThe solitary native walked through the desolate wasteland.
distinguishedHe was a distinguished native of the valley.
lazyThe lazy native just slept all day.
famousThe famous native Robert Doisneau was a French photographer known for his humanist photography style.
westThe west native went back to his home town.
deciduousThe deciduous native tree sheds its leaves each autumn.

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