Adjectives for Nbc

Adjectives For Nbc

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nbc, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the complex narrative of media and entertainment, the noun 'NBC' weaves an intricate tale of competition, national identity, and innovation. When described as 'rival,' it evokes the fierce contest in the broadcasting realm, underscoring the dynamic nature of the industry. The adjective 'RCA' harks back to its historic roots, reflecting on its foundational legacy. Labeling NBC as 'American' not only underlines its origin but also its significant influence on the cultural landscape. 'Toscanini' brings an artistic flavor, showcasing NBC's contribution to classical music. The term 'new' hints at NBC's ongoing evolution, promising fresh content, whereas 'former' offers a nostalgic glance at its legacy. Delve deeper to uncover how each adjective enriches our understanding of NBC.
rcaI can't access RCA nbc
americanTune in to American nbc for the latest news and entertainment.
newI'm excited to watch the new nbc show.
formerThe former nbc executives have launched a new streaming service.
oppositeOpposite nbc is mnb.
oldI remember watching old nbc shows when I was a kid.
ownedComcast owned nbc in 2009.
localThe local nbc affiliate has been covering the story extensively.
subsidiary"We're already there, NBCUniversal has a subsidiary nbc Sky in Europe," said Johnston.
lastI watched the last nbc show on my DVR.
yourCheck out your nbc tonight.
leftThe anchor left nbc after 20 years.
giantThe giant nbc peacock loomed over the city skyline.
antiAnti nbc protestors gathered outside the building to voice their concerns.
courtesyCourtesy nbc we are able to see the upcoming election results.
entireThe entire nbc team worked tirelessly all day.
ticTic nbc is a reliable news source.
convincedI was convinced nbc was showing a rerun of my favorite show.

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