Adjectives for Necessity

Adjectives For Necessity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing necessity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the subtleties of the English language, especially when it comes to adjectives paired with pivotal nouns like 'necessity', can unveil layers of meaning and intent. The choice between 'absolute necessity' and 'economic necessity,' for instance, shifts the focus from an undeniable requirement to one influenced by financial conditions. Similarly, 'urgent necessity' emphasizes immediacy, while 'military necessity' might invoke considerations of strategy and defense. The nuances go deeper with 'logical necessity' pointing to reasoned compulsion and 'political necessity' hinting at decisions driven by governance and policy. Each adjective not only modifies but fundamentally transforms the meaning of 'necessity,' reflecting the multifaceted nature of human priorities and constraints. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'necessity' below.
absoluteThe absolute necessity for this project is undebatable.
economicEconomic necessity forced the company to make difficult decisions.
urgentThe urgent necessity of completing the project prompted the team to work overtime.
militaryThe destruction of the village was a military necessity
logicalThe logical necessity of the conclusion arises from the logical necessity of the premises.
politicalThe political necessity forced the government to make difficult choices.
practicalThe practical necessity of the project was evident in its design.
vitalClean water is a vital necessity for human life.
naturalThe natural necessity of sleep is uncontroversial.
direThe family was facing dire necessity after the house burned down.
moralThe moral necessity of human dignity demands that we treat each other with respect.
historicalThe historical necessity of the revolution was evident in the growing unrest and dissatisfaction among the people.
imperativeThe maintenance of our infrastructure is of imperative necessity
sheerSheer necessity forced her to take the drastic measure.
primeWater is a prime necessity for all living organisms.
physicalPhysical necessity drove them to seek shelter from the storm.
immediateThe immediate necessity of the situation required swift action.
extremeThe extreme necessity of the situation forced us to take drastic measures.
innerThe inner necessity prompted him to continue his journey.
realThe real necessity of the situation forced us to take action.
sternStern necessity requires bold decisions.
inevitableShe faced the inevitable necessity of a career change.
indispensablePower is an indispensable necessity for modern living.
financialDue to financial necessity I had to take on a part-time job.
obviousThe obvious necessity of the situation convinced me to take action.
basicFood is a basic necessity for all people.
biologicalBreathing is a biological necessity for humans.
veryThe very necessity of the journey was questioned.
hardThe hard necessity was to travel despite the stormy weather.
imperiousThe commander's imperious necessity for silence forced the soldiers to remain motionless.
painfulHis son's absence was a painful necessity that he had to accept
unavoidableThe unavoidable necessity of the situation made it impossible to postpone the decision any longer.
mereMere necessity compelled him to seek employment.
apparentIn this case, the apparent necessity was sufficiently urgent to justify the defendant's actions.
psychologicalThe psychological necessity that pushed him to seek therapy was both profound and undeniable.
fundamentalFood is a fundamental necessity for human life.
objectiveThe objective necessity of the project was to provide clean water to the local community.
consequentDue to the consequent necessity we had to take immediate action.
metaphysicalMetaphysical necessity is a type of necessity that holds true in all possible worlds.
universalThe law of universal necessity states that everything that happens must happen in accordance with the laws of nature.
sadThe sad necessity of life is to be forgotten, not remembered.
paramountAmidst a chaotic world, peace remained a paramount necessity
inherentThe inherent necessity of the task made it impossible to delay it any further.
disagreeableThe disagreeable necessity of having to work on weekends is something I face every week.
strictThe strict necessity of this requirement is not apparent.
fatalThe fatal necessity of our separation stalks me everywhere.
strategicThe strategic necessity of the alliance was undeniable.
mechanicalThe mechanical necessity of the process made it impossible to alter the outcome.
constantThe constant necessity of working hard weighed heavily on his mind.
lessWith less necessity the plan was scrapped.
functionalThe functional necessity of this design is to improve the efficiency of the system.
divineThe divine necessity compelled us to complete the pilgrimage.
rationalThe geometrical ratios of the parts of the cosmos to one another and to the whole, and of the changes which on fixed principles took place in relation to them, may be discovered by reason, and this discovery is a rational necessity
cruelThe cruel necessity of war forced him to take up arms.
blindIn that blind necessity he had no choice but to act.
dailyDaily necessity items, such as food, water, and shelter, are essential for survival.
unfortunateThe unfortunate necessity of the situation forced us to make a difficult decision.
supremeFood has always been a supreme necessity in determining human's survival.
grimThe starving villagers resorted to eating bark out of grim necessity
eternalThe world is governed by eternal necessity
virtualThe virtual necessity of a dedicated IT support team cannot be overstated.
inexorableThe inexorable necessity of the situation forced her to make a difficult decision.
structuralThe structural necessity of the building required deep foundations.
unpleasantFinishing that report was an unpleasant necessity that had to be done.
philosophicalThe philosophical necessity of free will has been a subject of debate for centuries.
temporaryWe have a temporary necessity for an additional clerk.

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