Adjectives for Neck

Adjectives For Neck

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing neck, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a neck can greatly influence the perception of the character or object being described. A long neck might imply elegance or grace, often associated with beauty or refinement. A short neck, conversely, could suggest a more sturdy or less graceful appearance. The term narrow might be used to accentuate delicacy or vulnerability, whereas a thick neck could denote strength or power. A stiff neck often implies stubbornness or discomfort. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, painting a more vivid picture for the reader. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can best describe a neck and explore the unique nuances each brings.
longThe giraffe has a long neck that allows it to reach high into the trees.
femoralThe femoral neck is the narrow part of the femur that connects the shaft to the head.
narrowHe carefully poured the liquid into a vase with a narrow neck
shortThe man had a short neck even as a small boy.
stiffI woke up with a stiff neck after sleeping in an awkward position.
thickThe wrestler has a thick neck
ownHe was found hanging from his own neck
slenderShe has a slender neck
whiteThe swan had a long, white neck
thinThe giraffe had a very thin neck
brokenThe man with a broken neck was rushed to the hospital.
vesicalDilating the vesical neck may help prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in males.
lowerThe patient presented with a rash on the lower neck
surgicalThe doctor performed a surgical neck dissection to remove the cancerous lymph nodes.
upperAfter the injury, he had stiffness in his upper neck area.
lowShe wore a low neck dress to the party.
bareHe looked up at the sky, his bare neck exposed to the wind.
bladderThe doctor examined the patient's bladder neck to determine the cause of the obstruction.
redThe red neck of the man was sunburned from working outside.
wryThe wry neck became more apparent as she grew older.
anteriorThe anterior neck was examined for any masses, lymphadenopathy or tracheal deviation.
cylindricalThe bottle had a long, cylindrical neck
strongHe has a strong neck that can support his large head.
wideHe put on a wide neck shirt.
roundThe cotton shirt has a round neck and short sleeves.
openThe woman wore a red dress with an open neck
gracefulShe had a graceful neck like a swan.
scrawnyThe scrawny neck of the bird made it look like a twig.
anatomicalThe surgeon performed a radical neck dissection of the left anatomical neck compartment.
fatThe man had a fat neck
webbedThe duck's webbed neck helped it stay afloat in the water.
posteriorThe posterior neck is the back of the neck.
lateralThe patient has a visible mass in the lateral neck
beautifulHer beautiful neck was adorned with a delicate necklace.
muscularThe muscular neck bulged as he roared in anger.
constrictedThe thick, constricted neck was missing from the newly hatched snake.
condylarThe mandibular condyle consists of a condyle head, a condylar neck and a condylar ramus.
concaveThe concave neck of the dinosaur allowed it to streamline its head during fast movement.
softThe soft neck of the guitar was comfortable to hold.
fracturedThe doctor said that the fractured neck was severe.
skinnyThe giraffe stood tall with its skinny neck reaching for the leaves.
slimThe giraffe's slim neck allowed it to reach the highest leaves on the tree.
straightHe has a straight neck with no visible lumps or swelling.
tallThe tall neck of the giraffe allows it to reach leaves high in the trees.
broadThe hiker stuffed the map into the broad neck of his water bottle.
brownThe giraffe had a long, brown neck
powerfulThe mighty creature possessed a powerful neck
fairShe had a fair neck smooth and white.
curvedThe swan's curved neck dipped beneath the waterline.
lovelyHer lovely neck was adorned with a delicate necklace.
elongatedThe giraffe's elongated neck allows it to reach leaves high up in the trees.
volcanicThe volcanic neck of Shiprock is a prominent landmark in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico.
leftHe had a small cut on his left neck
longerThe giraffe has a longer neck than most other animals.
soreI woke up this morning with a sore neck
swanThe swan neck of the vase gave it an elegant look.
andThe dog barked and neck the mailman.
delicateI saw a doe with a delicate neck gracefully grazing in the meadow.
wrinkledThe elderly woman had a wrinkled neck and a warm smile.
prettyShe had a very pretty neck and shoulders.
bentHe looked around with bent neck
gooseThe goose neck lamp provided ample illumination for the small work area.
tonicThe tonic neck reflex, in which the head position influences the tone of limbs, is present at birth and disappears at 6 months.
massiveThe beast had a massive neck and sharp teeth.
hindThe doctor examined the patient's hind neck looking for any signs of injury.
flexibleThe bird has a very flexible neck
proudThe proud neck of the swan arched gracefully.
warmHe wrapped a warm neck scarf around his neck.
shapedEllen looked up at the graceful vase with its gently shaped neck
verticalThe giraffe's long vertical neck allows it to reach high tree branches.
scraggyThe old man's scraggy neck was a testament to a life of hard work and sun exposure.
bloodyThe criminal had a bloody neck after fighting with the police.
anatomicThe anatomic neck is a region of the body that is located between the head and the thorax.
leanThe graceful giraffe leaned its long, lean neck down to take a sip of water.
glossyThe bird had blue glossy neck
snowyThe hiker's snowy neck glistened in the moonlight.
radial"A radial neck incision was made, and the jugular vein and vagus nerve were identified and preserved.
scapularThe scapular neck is the constriction between the glenoid cavity and the surgical neck.
fetalThe doctor examined the fetal neck for any abnormalities.

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