Adjectives for Need

Adjectives For Need

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing need, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe need can subtly shift its meaning and urgency. An urgent need conveys a sense of immediate action, while a great need suggests a profound or significant requirement. Conversely, describing something as a little need minimizes its importance, indicating it may be easily deferred or ignored. The phrase greater need implies a comparison, suggesting that among needs, some are more pressing than others. When we talk about a real need, we're distinguishing it from perceived or artificial demands, emphasizing its authenticity. Lastly, human need touches on the essential, often universal requirements of human existence, connecting deeply with our shared experiences. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with need to precisely convey its various facets and nuances below.
greatThe earthquake victims are in great need of food, water, and shelter.
littleThe old man lives in a small village, with little need for anything new.
greaterThose in greater need often require additional support.
realThe students have a real need to comprehend.
humanThe human need for connection is essential for our well-being.
desperateThe stranded hiker was in desperate need of food and water.
lessDue to its improved efficiency, the new system has less need for maintenance.
greatestPeople in the greatest need should be the first to receive help.
moreThere is more need for donations to the charity.
immediateThey responded to the immediate need for supplies.
direThe refugees were in dire need of food, water, and shelter.
basicWater is a basic need
financialMany college students struggle with financial need
strongThe new mayor has a strong need to improve the city's infrastructure.
specialThe school provides special need services for students with disabilities.
particularThe students with particular need received extra support from the teacher.
furtherI am on my journey to learn data structure and algorithm and I will need your further need
constantShe had a constant need to prove herself.
obviousThe obvious need for a new car was apparent.
clearHe made it clear that the project has a clear need for a building permit.
criticalThe medical center was in critical need of more personnel after the influx of patients.
imperativeThe imperative need for more resources is growing.
vitalAccess to clean water is a vital need for all living beings.
possibleThe company may hire a consultant if the possible need arises.
deepI have a deep need to feel connected to others.
unmetThere is a significant unmet need for affordable housing in the city.
practicalHer writing course had little practical need
psychologicalThe psychological need for belonging is a universal human need.
primaryFood is a primary need for humans, and without it, we would not be able to survive.
fundamentalEarly childhood is a time of rapid growth and development that establishes the foundation for lifelong health, learning, and well-being. One of the most fundamental needs of children during this time is a safe and stable environment.
definiteWe are in definite need of your help right now.
absoluteThe injured hikers had an absolute need for medical attention.
actualThe actual need for this product is still unknown.
soreThe community was in sore need of a new school.
genuineI'm not sure if I can help you with that, but I can try to find someone who can meet your genuine need
emotionalSarah's emotional need for validation from others was a major source of stress for her.
apparentThe apparent need for speed was evident in his reckless driving.
spiritualI am interested in exploring my spiritual need
essentialAccess to clean water is an essential need for all humans.
extremeThe patient's extreme need for blood forced the hospital to issue an urgent appeal for donors.
overwhelmingShe felt an overwhelming need to protect her family.
consequentThe consequent need for medical care led to a significant increase in hospital admissions.
innerHer inner need for attention often led her to act out in class.
acuteWe are in acute need of your support to help us reach our goal.
longerWe no longer need to wait for the bus.
universalEducation is a universal need that should be accessible to all.
pressingThe pressing need for a new hospital was evident in the community.
educationalThe school district is committed to meeting the educational needs of all students.
compellingThe compelling need for a new car led me to the dealership.
suddenShe had a sudden need to leave.
intenseThe intense need for connection drove him to reach out to his estranged brother.
frequentThe frequent need for social interaction makes us more likely to connect with others.
legitimateThe employee's request for a leave of absence was based on a legitimate need
tremendousThe rural community was in tremendous need of medical supplies.
continuedDespite the continued need for caution, the restrictions were gradually lifted.
biologicalSleep is a biological need for all living creatures.
compulsiveShe experienced a compulsive need to check her phone every few minutes.
physiologicalPhysiological needs are those essential to our survival and well-being.
utmostThe utmost need was for clean water and food.
crucialThe patient is in crucial need of a new liver.
supremeThe supreme need of the hour is unity and cooperation.
primeA prime need for all of us is a sense of belonging.

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