Adjectives for Needle

Adjectives For Needle

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing needle, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a needle can sharply transform your sentence, highlighting precision, purpose, or size. A fine needle suggests delicacy and precision, essential for intricate embroidery. A magnetic needle, on the other hand, evokes images of navigation and exploration, pointing towards adventure. The term hypodermic needle introduces a medical context, implying precision and care in treatment. Similarly, long and small needles cater to different functionalities, from crafting to medical applications. Each adjective unveils a new facet of its noun, enriching the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for needle below and find the perfect hue for your textual tapestry.
fineThe doctor performed a fine needle aspiration biopsy to obtain cells from the lymph node.
magneticThe magnetic needle will point to the magnetic north pole.
longThe long needle pierced through the fabric.
spinalThe doctor used a spinal needle to administer the epidural.
smallThe doctor carefully inserted the small needle into the patient's vein.
largeShe used a large needle to sew the fabric.
curvedThe surgeon used a curved needle to stitch up the wound.
sterileThe nurse injected the medicine with a sterile needle
sharpShe pricked her finger with a sharp needle
hollowThe hollow needle pierced my skin like an ice pick.
inchThe inch needle was used to stitch the wound.
thinThe doctor used a thin needle to draw blood from the patient's arm.
singleShe threaded the single needle through the eye of the sewing machine.
bluntThe nurse used a blunt needle to draw blood from the patient.
shortUse a short needle to avoid damaging the fabric.
hotThe hot needle seared through the fabric.
straightThe seamstress used a straight needle to stitch the fabric.
knittingShe knitted a sweater with a size 8 knitting needle
rightKnit two stitches onto the right needle
ordinaryI need an ordinary needle to sew the button on my shirt.
pointedThe pointed needle pierced through the delicate fabric.
lumbarThe doctor used a lumbar needle to collect cerebrospinal fluid for testing.
largerThe veterinarian used a larger needle to inject the medication.
leftUse the left needle to knit the next stitch.
disposableThe nurse used a disposable needle to draw blood from my arm.
pineThe wind rustled the pine needles, creating a calming sound.
intravenousThe nurse inserted the intravenous needle into the patient's vein.
electricThe doctor used an electric needle to numb the area before the injection.
proverbialThe lost hiker was as difficult to find as a proverbial needle in a haystack.
bigThe nurse approached me with a big needle
atraumaticThe atraumatic needle caused no discomfort during the injection.
handShe used a hand needle to repair the torn seam.
theThe needle pierced through the fabric.
doubleThe seamstress used a double needle to reinforce the stitch.
brokenThe doctor used a broken needle to stitch the wound.
darningUsing a darning needle and thread, she repaired the torn fabric.
smallerThe smaller needle is located in the middle of the two sections.
tinyThe doctor gently inserted the tiny needle into my arm.
innerThe inner needle of the compass was pointing north.
bentHe tried to thread the bent needle but the thread kept breaking.
thickThe doctor used a thick needle to draw blood from the patient's arm.
horizontalThe horizontal needle of the compass pointed north.
finestThe finest needle can sew the most delicate fabric.
dippingThe geologist used a dipping needle to measure the angle of inclination of the rock layers.
surgicalThe nurse threaded the delicate suture onto the surgical needle precisely.
sterilizedThe doctor carefully inserted the sterilized needle into the patient's arm.
suspendedHe quietly watched as the suspended needle slowly swung back and forth.
eyedThreading the eyed needle took more patience than she had.
astaticThe astatic needle of the galvanometer swings freely in the magnetic field.
roundShe used a fine round needle to sew on the button.
circularShe was using a circular needle to knit a warm blanket for her family.
taperedThe tapered needle pierced the skin without causing any discomfort.
stainlessThe doctor used a stainless needle to give the patient an injection.
outerThe outer needle is the one that is visible on the outside of the body.
coreThe core needle biopsy took place at the doctor's office.
longerThe doctor inserted a longer needle into the patient's arm.
tippedThe nurse carefully inserted the tipped needle into the patient's vein.
sizedThe doctor used a 16-sized needle for the blood draw.
goldenI used the golden needle to mend my torn shirt.
slenderThe slender needle pierced my skin, sending a sharp jolt of pain coursing through my body.
twoThe seamstress used a two needle to repair the torn dress.
delicateThe delicate needle pierced the delicate fabric, leaving a perfect stitch.
woodenShe knitted a scarf with a wooden needle
concentricThe concentric needle was used to inject the fluid into the center of the tumor.
smallestThe smallest needle was used for the delicate surgery.
sewingShe was threading the sewing needle when she pricked her finger.
percutaneousThe tissue was removed via a percutaneous needle
verticalThe vertical needle pointed to the north.
dirtyThe dirty needle lay on the floor, a hazard to anyone who might come into contact with it.
beveledThe beveled needle easily pierced the tough leather.
flexibleThe flexible needle easily threaded through the tight opening.
coarseThe coarse needle was difficult to thread.
groovedThe grooved needle easily pierced through the thick fabric.
insulatedI need an insulated needle to stitch up the tear.
skinnyThe skinny needle pierced the patient's skin.
usedBe careful not to stick yourself with that used needle

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