Adjectives for Neighborhood

Adjectives For Neighborhood

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing neighborhood, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a neighborhood can paint a vivid picture and convey subtle meanings about its character. An immediate neighborhood suggests proximity and a sense of closeness, whereas describing it as the same could imply uniformity or lack of distinction. Mentioning the whole neighborhood brings to mind a collective, possibly in the context of a community-wide event or issue. An old neighborhood may evoke charm and history, while calling it your own signifies personal connection or belonging. Furthermore, a residential neighborhood emphasizes its living function, possibly contrasting it with commercial or industrial areas. Each adjective unlocks a different facet of what a neighborhood can represent. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuances they add to the word 'neighborhood' below.
immediateI decided to take a walk around my immediate neighborhood
sameWe lived in the same neighborhood for years before we finally met.
wholeThe whole neighborhood was filled with the sound of laughter.
oldI went back to my old neighborhood and it was like a time warp.
ownI stayed in my own neighborhood so I don't need to worry about getting lost.
residentialThe kids played in the cul-de-sac of the residential neighborhood
classI grew up in a class neighborhood where everyone was friendly and helpful.
entireThe entire neighborhood was buzzing with excitement.
whiteThe white neighborhood was very quiet and peaceful.
blackThe black neighborhood was bustling with activity.
quietThe quiet neighborhood was perfect for a peaceful evening walk.
localThe local neighborhood is a great place to live.
urbanThe urban neighborhood was bustling with activity.
particularI enjoy living in this particular neighborhood
niceI'd like to live in a nice neighborhood
suburbanMy grandmother lives in a small suburban neighborhood
badThe store was in a bad neighborhood
betterWe hope to provide better neighborhood services in the future.
italianThe Italian neighborhood was full of life and energy.
nearI live in a near neighborhood
ruralThe rural neighborhood was quiet and peaceful.
ethnicTourists flock to the city's ethnic neighborhoods for authentic cuisine.
mixedWe live in a mixed neighborhood with people from all over the world.
dangerousI don't feel safe walking alone in this dangerous neighborhood
solarOur sun belongs to a solar neighborhood of about 50 stars.
toughI grew up in a tough neighborhood
closeThe close neighborhood was filled with friendly faces.
integratedIn the integrated neighborhood people from diverse backgrounds lived side by side.
cityI am headed to the city neighborhood
affluentThe affluent neighborhood is home to many wealthy families.
fashionableThe fashionable neighborhood was a hubbub of activity.
upscaleThe upscale neighborhood has large houses with beautiful lawns.
roughHe grew up in a rough neighborhood so he knows how to take care of himself.
exclusiveThe exclusive neighborhood had a strict gated entrance.
pleasantI enjoy living in this pleasant neighborhood
middleI live in the middle neighborhood of the city.
irishThe old lady lived in an Irish neighborhood
immigrantThe immigrant neighborhood was a vibrant and diverse community.
nearbyMy nearby neighborhood is full of friendly people.
slumThe slum neighborhood was a maze of narrow streets and dilapidated buildings.
wealthyThe children in the wealthy neighborhood attended a private school.
historicThe historic neighborhood is full of charming old homes.
respectableThe Coopers lived in a respectable neighborhood with well-manicured lawns and stately homes.
desirableThe house is located in a desirable neighborhood with excellent schools and parks.
typicalThe typical neighborhood in this area is filled with families and young professionals.
strangeThe strange neighborhood was full of peculiar characters.
adjacentThe adjacent neighborhood had many beautiful houses.
polishI grew up in a polish neighborhood
africanThe lively African neighborhood was a vibrant hub of music and culture.
friendlyThe friendly neighborhood children played baseball in the street.
stableThe stable neighborhood was a great place to raise a family.
familiarI always feel calm when I am in my familiar neighborhood
crowdedThe crowded neighborhood was filled with the sounds of traffic and laughter.
decentWe finally found a decent neighborhood to settle down in.
mexicanThe mariachi band filled the Mexican neighborhood with music.
diverseThe diverse neighborhood attracted people from all over the world.
collarThe collar neighborhood of the city is known for its affluence and exclusivity.
modestShe lived in a modest neighborhood on the outskirts of town.
peacefulWe were fortunate to grow up in a peaceful neighborhood
impoverishedSome dilapidated houses are scattered around the impoverished neighborhood
expensiveThe Smiths live in an expensive neighborhood
gayI'm going to the gay neighborhood to celebrate Pride.
hispanicMaria moved to the Hispanic neighborhood near the city center.
ricanI grew up in a lively Rican neighborhood filled with vibrant culture and traditions.
populatedThe populated neighborhood was full of life and activity.

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