Adjectives for Neighbors

Adjectives For Neighbors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing neighbors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe neighbors can paint a vivid picture of community life. Whether they're the nearest ones, always ready to lend a hand, or the good folks next door who make the neighborhood feel like home, adjectives bring their presence to life. Perhaps they are the immediate ones, sharing your daily experiences, or defined by cultural descriptors such as white or Arab neighbors, highlighting diversity. Those referred to as southern neighbors might evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality. Each adjective unveils a layer of social complexity and community dynamics. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore all the nuances that come with the people living just around the corner.
nearestWe found the nearest neighbors using the Euclidean distance metric.
goodWhen the Browns moved into their new home, they were grateful for the good neighbors they met.
immediateThe immediate neighbors were all very friendly and welcoming.
whiteI was surprised by the friendliness of my new white neighbors
arabSome Arab neighbors were invited to the party.
southernThe southern neighbors were invited to the party.
doorThe Smiths are door neighbors with the Joneses.
powerfulSome countries have powerful neighbors
closeThe two houses are close neighbors
nearShe lives near neighbors who often take care of her garden.
northernDuring the holidays, we exchanged gifts with our northern neighbors
americanLet's invite our American neighbors over for dinner.
asianI enjoy having dinner with my asian neighbors
indianMy indian neighbors are so friendly.
next"The next neighbors are very friendly."
formerI still keep in touch with my former neighbors
closestMy closest neighbors are the Smiths.
friendlyMy friendly neighbors often invite me over for tea.
westernThe country's western neighbors are friendly.
poorThe poor neighbors were struggling to make ends meet.
easternThe country's eastern neighbors all have a similar language and culture.
distantMy distant neighbors can be heard arguing from across the street.
poorerWith few amenities, poorer neighbors relied on an aging community center for daily activities.
muslimI have always gotten along well with my Muslim neighbors
latinMy latin neighbors were very friendly.
largerThere was only a handful of houses, clustered together for protection against the larger neighbors
fortunateFortunate neighbors they did not suffer any damage in the storm.
gentileThe gentile neighbors welcomed us with open arms and kind hearts.
smallerThe big country is surrounded by smaller neighbors
richThe Smiths' rich neighbors often threw lavish parties.
nearbyThe nearby neighbors were very friendly.
badI had to call the cops on my bad neighbors
wealthyThe wealthy neighbors were always generous with their time and resources.
speakingThe speaking neighbors exchanged pleasantries as they passed by.
communistThe communist neighbors were always trying to convert me to their ideology.
catholicMy catholic neighbors were very friendly and welcoming.
curiousThe curious neighbors watched as the new family moved into the house.
adjacentThe adjacent neighbors were close friends
nosyMy nosy neighbors are always eavesdropping on my conversations.
strongerStronger neighbors make a stronger community.
mexicanI spoke to my Mexican neighbors to improve my Spanish.
ruralMy rural neighbors are always so friendly and welcoming.
regionalThe regional neighbors have been invited to the conference.
prosperousThe prosperous neighbors were always eager to help those in need.
continental Canada and the United States are continental neighbors
eastThe east neighbors have a dog that barks all day.
africanThe African neighbors shared a rich cultural heritage and a strong commitment to peace.
troublesomeThe troublesome neighbors kept the whole community on edge.
spanishMy spanish neighbors are very friendly.
wealthierThe wealthier neighbors had a large number of cars.
civilizedThey are considered the most civilized neighbors in the region.
southThe south neighbors were very friendly.
noisyMy noisy neighbors kept me awake all night.
elderlyMy elderly neighbors are always so kind and helpful.
affluentThe affluent neighbors often hosted extravagant parties.
dutchMy dutch neighbors are very friendly.
classThe two class neighbors diligently shared their notes.
balkanI visited my Balkan neighbors last summer.
hopThe hop neighbors of the node are those to which it can send messages in a single hop.

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