Adjectives for Net

Adjectives For Net

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing net, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a net can significantly impact the perception of your message. Whether it's a social net weaving people together in digital realms, a neural net underpinning groundbreaking AI technologies, a wide net cast to encapsulate a broad array of ideas, or the physical dimensions of a large or small net, each adjective unlocks a unique narrative. Not to forget, a fine net illustrates precision and delicacy. The beauty of language lies in these nuances, inviting readers to delve deeper into the contexts each adjective reveals. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'net' and discover the vivid stories they tell.
socialShe posted a photo of her new puppy on her social net
neuralThe neural net was able to learn the complex pattern in the data.
wideHe cast a wide net in his search for a new job.
largeThe fisherman spread out his large net in the sea.
smallIt is always nice to have a small net as a backup.
fineThe fine net was used to catch the small fish.
semanticThe semantic net is a knowledge representation technique that is based on the idea that concepts are connected to each other in a network.
demyThe demy net was used to catch small fish in shallow waters.
widerThey decided to cast a wider net in their search.
bigThe fisherman threw his big net into the sea.
hugeThe huge net caught a lot of fish.
blackThe black net caught the fish.
goldenThe sun cast its golden net across the meadow, illuminating every flower and blade of grass.
meshedThe meshed net caught the ball.
strongThe fisherman used a strong net to catch the fish.
invisibleThe fisherman cast his invisible net into the vast ocean.
denseThe dense net of roots made it difficult to extract the plant from the ground.
vastThe fisherman cast his vast net into the shimmering sea.
entireThe fisherman tossed his entire net into the water.
broadThe police department's broad net caught all manner of criminals.
complexThe complex net of interpersonal relationships can be difficult to navigate.
heavyThe heavy net dragged along the bottom of the ocean.
financialHis financial net was ready to be cast.
silkenThe warm breeze carried the sweet scent of roses through the silken net that hung from the gazebo ceiling.
verticalThe vertical net prevented the bird from escaping.
coarseThe coarse net trapped the small fish.
handledThe experienced fisherman handled net with ease.
meshThe mesh net provides a reliable and secure connection, even in areas with poor cellular service.
focalThe focal net is a network of neurons that are responsible for processing visual information.
nomologicalThis concept, known as the nomological net has become a central presupposition in the scientific study of religion.
shapedThe fisherman tossed his shaped net into the sea.
emptyThe goalie was pulled for an empty net goal.
greenThe green net swayed softly in the breeze.
tightI cast a tight net over the baitfish.
gross"Gross net" is a term used in accounting to describe the difference between the gross amount of an income or expense and the net amount after deductions or allowances.
logicalThe meeting will start after the logical net is reviewed.
protectiveThe protective net caught the falling worker.
dimensionalThe star scaled across the dimensional net
globalThe global net will help to ensure that everyone has access to the Internet.
rectangularThe rectangular net has a length of 5 meters and a width of 3 meters.
circularThe fisherman cast his circular net into the sea, hoping to catch a large haul.
thinShe wore a thin net dress and a veil.
seineThe fisherman threw his seine net into the water.
thick"Jermaine escaped with ease cutting through the thick net surrounding the camp."
extensiveThe spider's extensive net covered the entire corner of the room.
tangledThe tangled net snared the escaped convict.
adequateThe hunter used an adequate net to capture the wild boar.
stereographicThe stereographic net is a useful tool for understanding the geometry of the Earth's surface.
elastic"Elastic net" is a statistical modeling technique that involves a combination of L1 and L2 regularization.
looseThe fisherman threw the loose net into the water, hoping to catch a large fish.
causalThe causal net introduces background independence in the model.
submarineThe submarine net was designed to protect the harbor from enemy torpedoes.
squareThe crystal structure of metal atoms arranged in a square net with pairs of electrons shared between adjacent metal atoms is known as tetrahedral metal cluster.
triangularThe triangular net has a triangular cross-section.
madeThe company has made net profits of $10 million in the past quarter.
conceptualThis research explores the role of a conceptual net as an effective teaching tool for mathematics and science.
associativeThe associative net is a network of connected neurons that are activated together and are associated with a particular stimulus or response.
broaderTo capture a broader net of applicants, we posted our job listing on both college career sites and general job boards.
opticThe optic net connects the retina to the brain.
intricateThe sleek osprey plunged through the intricate net of branches in hot pursuit of its prey.

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