Adjectives for Network

Adjectives For Network

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing network, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a network can add significant depth to your communication. A social network emphasizes the connections between individuals or organizations, fostering a sense of community and interaction. A local network, on the other hand, highlights the importance of geographic proximity and community ties. The term neural network borrows from biology to denote complex systems of information processing, resembling the human brain. A national network suggests extensive reach across a country, often implicating infrastructure or government involvement. The complexity of a network is not just in its structure but in the nuances each adjective brings, revealing the intricate relationships or vast systems involved. For an even deeper understanding, explore our full list of adjectives paired with 'network' below.
socialI spend a lot of time on social networks.
localThe local network is down.
neuralThe neural network efficiently processed the complex data.
nationalThe national network will broadcast the event live.
complexThe analysis of the complex network was carried out using various computational techniques.
extensiveThe politician had an extensive network of connections and contacts.
wirelessMy laptop has access to the internet because it is connected to a wireless network
entireThe entire network was shut down for maintenance.
globalThe company relied on its global network of suppliers to meet the increasing demand.
vastHe had forged a vast network of allies and informants.
wideThe company has a wide network of distributors across the country.
publicBrad used his public network to post photos of his trip on social media.
wholeIt will take you to the website's whole network
internalThe internal network is experiencing technical difficulties.
privateThe company uses a private network to connect its offices around the world.
internationalWe have an international network of experts who can help you.
denseThe dense network covered the entire area.
informalShe learned about the newest job opening through her informal network
worldwideThe company's worldwide network of agents helps them to stay competitive.
intricateThe intricate network of underground roots connected each tree to its neighbors.
semanticThe semantic network is a data structure that represents knowledge in a way that is similar to how humans think.
corporateThe corporate network was experiencing a high volume of traffic this morning.
nationwideThe supermarket chain has a nationwide network of stores.
simpleThis simple network allows all users to communicate easily.
largerThe company has been able to expand its operations into a larger network in recent years.
digitalThe team has built a digital network that connects farmers to consumers.
regionalThe regional network will help to improve communication and cooperation between the different regions.
fineThis might be an issue for users with slow internet connections or with a fine network
basedThe company stores the data on a custom-built, VPN-based network.
integratedThe integrated network is a complex system of interconnected devices that communicate with each other.
dimensionalThe dimensional network allowed for the interconnection of multiple realities.
virtualThe virtual network is a private network within the public cloud.}
richHe has a rich network of contacts in the industry.
elaborateThe town was a labyrinth of elaborate network
terminalWe sought to determine the presence or absence of a terminal network in the ventral horn.
extendedThe company's extended network has helped them to reach a wider range of customers.
complicatedThe complicated network of relationships within the organization often led to misunderstandings and conflicts.
portThe port network is configured to allow traffic from the public internet.
artificialScientists continue to improve the accuracy of the artificial network
equivalentThe input impedance under consideration can be calculated from the equivalent network
opticalThe optical network provides high-speed data transmission over long distances.
mobileI have a strong mobile network signal here.
cellularI just lost my cellular network connection near this new shopping center
commercialA commercial network is a type of television network that is primarily funded by advertising revenue.
electricalPower flows through an electrical network of conductors, transformers, and switches that provide electricity to end users.
looseThe loose network of friends stayed in touch through regular coffee meetups.
widerJoining this organization will help you build a wider network
largestThe biggest cable company in the United States has the largest network of high-speed internet subscribers.
electronicThe electronic network is a system of interconnected computing devices that share information.
urbanThe urban network is a complex and dynamic system that is constantly evolving.
undergroundThe underground network of tunnels was vast and complex.
wiredFor faster speeds and more reliable connections, connect your computer to the wired network
linearThe linear network is a circuit that has only one path for the current to flow.
continuousThe continuous network provided stable connectivity throughout the operation.
closeHe has a close network of friends and family.
hierarchicalHierarchical networks are often used in situations where there is a clear vertical structure within the group of individuals.
recurrentThe recurrent network is a type of neural network that has internal state, which allows it to remember past information.
typicalThe typical network speed is 100 Mbps.
passiveThe passive network is designed to provide a low-cost solution for connecting devices to the Internet.
efficientThe company boasts an efficient network of engineers to ensure timely project completion.
hocThe hoc network was used to identify the most important features in the data.
supportiveHer supportive network helped her through difficult times.
distributedThe distributed network allows for a more efficient and secure way of sharing data.
comprehensiveOur comprehensive network of experts and resources enables us to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.
interconnectedThe interconnected network of devices and sensors enabled real-time monitoring of the system.
organizationalThe seminar was held via an organizational network for remote participants.
delicateThe delicate network of blood vessels that crisscrossed her face flushed red.
irregularThe irregular network made it difficult to connect with others.
parallelThe distributed parallel network allows for faster and efficient processing of data.
areaThe new area network will improve communication between the different departments.
overallThe overall network is comprised of approximately 29,000 engineers.

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