Adjectives for Networking

Adjectives For Networking

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing networking, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the digital age, the term networking has transcended its basic meaning to include a myriad of nuanced interactions facilitated by technology. When prefixed with adjectives such as wireless, social, local, optical, and informal, the nature of networking shifts, reflecting the diverse ways people and devices connect. From wireless technologies liberating us from the constraints of cables, to social platforms shrinking our global village, each adjective enriches the concept with specific implications. Local networks indicate proximity-based connections, optical highlights the speed and bandwidth of fiber optics, while informal networking suggests a casual, often interpersonal, exchange. Uncover the full spectrum of how adjectives unlock new dimensions of networking below.
wirelessThe new wireless networking system allows employees to work from anywhere in the office.
socialSocial networking can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family.
localLocal networking is a great way to connect with other people in your community.
opticalOptical networking is a communication technology that uses light to transmit data between devices.
informalShe used informal networking to get together with her colleagues and hear about projects at other organizations.
electronicThe electronic networking system allowed for efficient communication between the employees.
globalGlobal networking has connected people and businesses worldwide.
internationalI attended the conference for international networking and collaboration.
peerPeer networking allows employees to connect and learn from one another.
effectiveEffective networking can open doors to new opportunities and connections.
virtualThe virtual networking team is responsible for managing the network infrastructure.
privateThe company is leveraging private networking to securely connect its remote offices.
personalThe conference was a success, with attendees having the opportunity for personal networking and career development.
professionalAttended a professional networking event to expand connections and explore potential job opportunities.
basedThe conference is focused on based networking and building relationships.
wideThe conference offered opportunities for wide networking with industry professionals.
speedTonight's event is a speed networking party where you can meet lots of people in a short amount of time.
successfulSuccessful networking involves building meaningful connections and exchanging valuable information.
nationalNational networking events provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand your professional relationships.
regionalThe conference provided ample opportunities for regional networking allowing attendees to connect with professionals in their industry.
extensiveThe company's extensive networking has allowed it to build strong relationships with key stakeholders.
onlineRebecca reached out to her professional connections through online networking
transnationalTransnational networking fostered collaborative research and innovation on a global scale.
internalThe IT department improved internal networking
mobileMobile networking technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and access information.
organizationalOrganizational networking can foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to improved performance and innovation.
externalWe have external networking as well as private networking.
multimediaMultimedia networking encompasses the delivery of content over networks, including audio, video, and text.
areaThis device has a wireless LAN and a Bluetooth area networking capability.
digitalThe conference provided ample opportunities for digital networking
neuralNeural networking enables computers to learn from existing data and recognize patterns.
windowsEnable and disable Windows networking using PowerShell.
traditionalTraditional networking is a way of meeting new people and building relationships.
corporateCorporate networking involves creating mutually beneficial connections and building relationships within professional circles.
formalHe did a lot of formal networking at the conference.
hocHoc networking is a type of computer network that uses a hierarchical structure.
advancedAdvanced networking is a field of computer science that is concerned with the design and implementation of networks that can handle a large volume of traffic and provide high levels of performance.
horizontalHorizontal networking is a powerful tool for businesses to share resources and collaborate on projects.
broadbandThe company provides broadband networking services to residential and commercial customers.
firmSecure the deal by firm networking during the social hour.
intelligentIntelligent networking connects people and devices with the potential to transform how we live and work.
strategicStrategic networking is essential for career advancement and business success.
institutionalInstitutional networking is essential for building relationships and staying informed within a field.
remoteRemote networking allows employees to work from anywhere.
interactiveThe interactive networking platform allowed attendees to connect and collaborate in real-time.
interpersonalInterpersonal networking can help individuals build strong relationships and expand their professional opportunities.
cooperativeCooperative networking is a type of network in which nodes collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal.
wiredThe company has decided to upgrade its wired networking infrastructure.
academicAcademic networking is essential for researchers to share ideas and collaborate on projects.
ubiquitousUbiquitous networking allows for the seamless connection of devices and access to data anytime, anywhere.
levelLevel networking is a type of computer network in which all nodes are equal.
lineThe new line networking equipment was installed last week.
secureSecure networking is essential for protecting data and maintaining privacy.
ethernetEthernet networking is a popular form of wired networking.
intensiveThis event will provide opportunities for intensive networking
efficientEfficient networking allows for seamless communication and collaboration within the organization.
femaleI attended the female networking event last night.
worldwideWorldwide networking has connected people all over the globe.
collaborativeCollaborative networking enables individuals and organizations to work together in a coordinated and efficient manner.
scaleThe DevOps team deployed a micro-service architecture at scale utilizing virtualization and scale networking
contentContent networking is a type of computer networking that allows devices to communicate with each other regardless of their location or network type.
libraryLibrary networking enriches communities by providing access to information and educational resources.
integratedOur comprehensive solution offers seamless integrated networking capabilities.
ethnicI enjoyed ethnic networking with my diverse neighbors.
entrepreneurialEntrepreneurial networking events offer a unique opportunity for business owners to connect and collaborate.

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