Adjectives for Networks

Adjectives For Networks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing networks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'networks' can significantly alter the perception of your message. 'Social networks' highlights the interconnectedness and community aspect, whereas 'neural networks' dives into the complex world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 'Local networks', on the other hand, bring a sense of proximity and immediacy. The term 'wireless networks' emphasizes the technology and convenience of connectivity without physical restraints. 'Informal networks' suggest a more relaxed and unofficial form of interaction, and 'private networks' imply exclusivity and security. Each adjective unlocks a unique angle, enriching the context in which 'networks' are discussed. Discover the full range of adjectives that bring out the multifaceted nature of networks below.
socialPlatforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become a crucial part of social networks
neuralThey used neural networks to improve the accuracy of their predictions.
localLocal networks can connect computers within a small area.
wirelessWe rely heavily on wireless networks for our daily communication and information needs.
informalThe informal networks are crucial for the organization's success.
privateWe can provide customized network solutions for both private networks and public networks.
nationalMany television shows are able to find greater success when they are shown on national networks
globalGlobal networks are interconnected systems that span across national boundaries.
majorThe major networks covered the story extensively.
artificialArtificial networks can be trained to perform complex tasks such as image recognition and natural language processing.
personalI expanded my personal networks through social media.
complexComplex networks are interconnected systems with many nodes and links.
regionalGovernmental departments and NGOs work together in regional networks to achieve shared goals.
internationalWe are building up our international networks
mobileMobile networks are essential for modern communication.
basedThe company has been using based networks for their marketing campaigns.
extensiveThe company has extensive networks across the globe.
semanticSeveral semantic networks are used in artificial intelligence to represent conceptual relationships between objects.
commercialThe advertising agency ran a commercial campaign on commercial networks
opticalOptical networks are the future of communications.
transnationalTransnational networks are a key factor in the spread of new ideas and technologies.
electronicThe company has a presence in electronic networks in Asia.
largerOrganizations within larger networks may have specialized expertise.
wideShe operates through her wide networks
digitalDigital networks connect devices across vast distances, enabling communication and data exchange.
multipleData was collected across multiple networks
recurrentRecurrent networks are a class of neural networks that have connections between nodes that form a directed cycle.
corporateCorporate networks are often targeted by hackers due to the sensitive information they contain.
cellularCellular networks are the backbone of our wireless communication, allowing us to stay connected anytime, anywhere.
virtualVirtual networks provide a flexible and scalable network infrastructure for cloud computing.
internalThe company's internal networks were breached by hackers.
traditionalTraditional networks are usually based on physical hardware and require manual configuration.
denseDense networks are most commonly found in urban areas.
neuronalThe capacity of neuronal networks is why AI is so effective.
formalThe formal networks within the organization played a crucial role in coordinating its operations.
separateEach of the three apartments has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and they all come with separate networks and balconies
electricalElectrical networks are interconnected components that generate, transmit, distribute, and consume electrical power.
smallerBusinesses should focus on smaller networks of passionate clients to drive referrals.
organizationalThe organizational networks played a vital role in coordinating and sharing information among stakeholders.
integratedThe research team has implemented integrated networks that help enhance the design and testing processes.
regulatoryThese principles and rules establish the framework of regulatory networks which are guided by the specific goals and objectives of the system.
speedThe high-speed networks will allow us to connect with each other from anywhere in the world.
urbanIn contemporary networks, urban networks have become critical components in fostering innovation and economic growth.
wiredWired networks have been the backbone of the internet since its inception.
interconnectedThe interconnected networks of the world are a vast and complex system.
dynamicThe team's dynamic networks allowed them to reach out to potential collaborators across the globe.
areaLocal area networks (LANs) connect devices within a limited physical space, such as a home or office.
connectionistConnectionist networks are a type of artificial neural network that uses interconnected nodes to learn from data.
terroristIntelligence agencies are constantly working to dismantle terrorist networks and prevent attacks.
heterogeneousThe heterogeneous networks are composed of different types of nodes and links.
interpersonalHe has a wide range of strong interpersonal networks
broadbandThe widespread availability of broadband networks has revolutionized the way we communicate and access information.
linearLinear networks can be used to model a wide variety of physical systems.
scaleThe company is using machine learning to scale networks
terminalTerminal networks are often used to build microchips.
ethnicOur research highlights the complexity of ethnic networks the processes of transnational migration and transnational social change.
hocHoc networks represent a new kind of open-source connected hardware platform.
supportiveWe need supportive networks to prosper and grow.
randomThe structure of random networks can be described by a power-law distribution.
dimensionalDimensional networks have been used in a variety of applications, including telecommunications, networking, and computing.
widerThrough these efforts, we are able to ensure wider networks of support for our students.
associativeThe associative networks in our brain help us to connect concepts and ideas.
interorganizationalInterorganizational networks are formed by organizations that share similar goals and collaborate to achieve them.
passive"Three-phase motors are normally started with passive networks"
biologicalAdvanced machine learning techniques were designed to elucidate the principles underlying biological networks and identify novel molecular mechanisms involved in disease.
opticThe advent of optic networks enhances data transmission speeds by leveraging light-based signals over fiber optic cables.

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