Adjectives for News

Adjectives For News

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing news, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of information, the noun 'news' holds powerful sway, influencing perceptions and emotions with the precision of the adjectives that precede it. Whether it's 'good news' that uplifts our spirits or 'bad news' that prepares us for challenges, the adjectives color our reception significantly. The 'latest news' keeps us abreast of current events, while 'local news' ensures we're connected to our immediate surroundings. The nuances go deeper, as 'sad news' can evoke empathy and solidarity, and 'important news' demands our undivided attention for its implications. Each adjective opens a portal to different emotional and cognitive landscapes, all structured around the central node of 'news'. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of how adjectives enrich our understanding of news in the full list below.
goodI have some good news to share.
badIt's bad news but the patient didn't make it.
latestThe latest news is all over the internet.
localI saw the local news about the car accident.
sadI'm sorry, but I have some sad news to share with you.
importantI have important news to share with you.
bigI have some big news to share with you.
nationalI watched the national news and learned about the latest political developments.
foreignI read the foreign news every day.
terribleThe terrible news left me in shock and disbelief.
welcomeThe welcome news brought a smile to her face.
wonderfulI have wonderful news to share with you!
internationalI keep up with international news by reading the New York Times.
dailyI read the daily news every morning.
pageI read the page news every day.
betterI have better news now.
excitingI have some exciting news to share with you!
joyfulThe joyful news spread throughout the town like wildfire.
startlingThe startling news sent shockwaves through the community.
happyMy heart soared with joy upon hearing the happy news
falseIt was false news that the store was going out of business.
unexpectedI was shocked to receive such unexpected news
illThe doctor brought ill news about the scan results.
dreadfulThe dreadful news shocked the entire town.
nightlyI watched the nightly news to stay informed about current events.
interestingI heard some very interesting news recently.
shockingThe shocking news left me reeling.
alarmingThe alarming news spread quickly through the town.
tragicThe tragic news shook us all.
gloriousThe glorious news brought joy and celebration to the kingdom.
freshI have some fresh news for you.
unwelcomeWe had no choice but to bear the unwelcome news
officialThe official news was released this morning.
sensationalThe sensational news spread through the town like wildfire.
definiteThe definite news of the war victory spread quickly.
strangeI heard some strange news today.
encouragingThe doctor's report was encouraging news
unpleasantThe doctor gave me unpleasant news about my health.
frontThe newspaper reported the front news on the upcoming election.
fatalWe received the fatal news this morning.
awfulI received the awful news yesterday.
pleasantI received some pleasant news today.
disturbingThe disturbing news spread quickly throughout the town.
worseI have even worse news for you.
distressingThe distressing news shocked the nation.
worstThe worst news possible came through the mail today.
melancholyThe deeply melancholy news of the tragedy sent shivers down my spine.
weeklyI read the weekly news to stay informed about current events.
grimHe received grim news about his father's health.
astoundingI heard some astounding news about the latest scientific discovery.
authenticAuthentic news is crucial for maintaining an informed and engaged citizenry.
disastrousThe disastrous news shocked the entire nation.
reliableWe must only use reliable news outlets to ensure accurate information.
operativeThe operative news spread quickly throughout the organization.
astonishingThe expert's astonishing news shocked the audience.
disquietingThe disquieting news spread like wildfire throughout the town.
straightThe straight news story provided an unbiased account of the recent events.
disappointingIt was disappointing news to hear about the recent events.
evilThe evil news spread like a wildfire, casting a shadow upon the hearts of all who heard it.

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