Adjectives for Newspaper

Adjectives For Newspaper

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing newspaper, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a newspaper can significantly alter the perception of its content, frequency, and origin. A local newspaper paints a picture of community-focused stories, whereas a daily or weekly one highlights its publication frequency, crucial for up-to-date news enthusiasts or relaxed weekend readers. Describing a newspaper as first might indicate its pioneering status in a certain field, and calling it American specifies its regional viewpoint. Moreover, an old newspaper might evoke nostalgia or denote a rich historical archive. Each adjective carries its unique blend of context and expectation, inviting the reader to delve into the essence of the newspaper described. Explore the full range of adjectives for a richer narrative.
localI read the local newspaper every morning.
dailyI like to read the daily newspaper in the morning.
weeklyJameela was grateful for the weekly newspaper updates on local elections.
firstThe first newspaper in the United States was published in 1704.
americanI read the article in the American newspaper
oldI found an old newspaper article about the local election.
nationalI read the article in the national newspaper last week.
englishI read the latest news from the English newspaper
majorI read about it in a major newspaper
officialI read the official newspaper every day to stay informed.
onlyIt was the only newspaper that I could find during the hurricane.
languageI read the language newspaper every day.
germanThe german newspaper Der Spiegel wrote an article about the new political party.
modernI read the news every day from the modern newspaper
frenchI read a French newspaper every morning.
largestThe largest newspaper in the country is the New York Times.
blackHe sought out black newspapers in order to become part of the black publishing establishment.
britishThe British newspaper reported on the latest political scandal.
independentShe bought an independent newspaper that day.
foldedMary read the folded newspaper with her morning coffee.
popularI read the popular newspaper every morning.
liberalThe liberal newspaper published a scathing editorial about the President's policies.
monthlyI subscribed to the monthly newspaper to stay informed about current events.
metropolitanI picked up a metropolitan newspaper and started to read.
influentialThe influential newspaper published the editorials of numerous senators.
communistThe communist newspaper Pravda was founded in 1912.
democraticThe democratic newspaper published an article about the recent election.
oldestThe oldest newspaper still in existence is the Post- och Inrikes Tidningar, published in Stockholm since 1645.
undergroundThe underground newspaper was passed around at the protest rally.
republicanThe republican newspaper published a controversial editorial.
conservativeThe conservative newspaper criticized the liberal candidate's policies.
chineseI read the Chinese newspaper every day.
unidentifiedThe unidentified newspaper was found at the scene of the crime.
radicalThe radical newspaper published an article that criticized the government's policies.
russianThe article was published in a Russian newspaper
provincialThe story was covered in the provincial newspaper
japaneseI read the Japanese newspaper every day.
yiddishThe yiddish newspaper was founded in 1885.
socialistI read the socialist newspaper every day.
leadingThe leading newspaper in the state is the Baltimore Sun.
italianI read the Italian newspaper every day.
regionalI picked up a copy of the regional newspaper to read about local events.
crumpledI tossed the crumpled newspaper into the recycling bin.
pageI read the page newspaper every day.
successfulThe successful newspaper attracted many readers with its objective reporting.
contemporaryI read the contemporary newspaper every morning.
prominentHe was a prominent newspaper editor for over 20 years.
rivalThe rival newspaper ran a scandalous story about the mayor's alleged affair.
townThe town newspaper published an article about the new park.
spanishI read the Spanish newspaper every day.
australianI read the Australian newspaper every day.
sovietOne of the most popular soviet newspapers was Pravda.
favoriteJohn read his favorite newspaper on the sofa.
gayMy friend's brother works for the gay newspaper
wingThe advertisement was placed in the wing newspaper
canadianThe Canadian newspaper headlined their front page with news about the accident.
arabicThe arabic newspaper reported on the latest political developments.
printedThe printed newspaper is a dying breed.
dutchI read the Dutch newspaper every day.
wetThe smell of wet newspaper filled the air.

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