Adjectives for Nhs

Adjectives For Nhs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nhs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'NHS' can significantly alter the perception of the National Health Service, highlighting various aspects from its structure to its challenges. Descriptors like 'new' and 'modern' often emphasize progress or reforms within the system, whereas 'led' may point to the leadership or initiative driving these changes. 'Sulfo', less commonly used, could refer to specific scientific or medical treatments within the NHS. 'Primary' and 'local' illuminate the foundational and community-based facets of healthcare provision. Each adjective unveils a different shade of the NHS, painting a complex picture of its current state and future directions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with the NHS below.
newThe new nhs website has been launched today.
modernThe modern nhs is facing challenges similar to other universal health care systems.
sulfoSulfo nhs is a water-soluble crosslinker that is commonly used to conjugate proteins to surfaces.
primaryMy primary nhs contact is not replying.
localMy local nhs doctor knows me well.
reformedThe reformed nhs is a more efficient and effective health care system.
oldI worked for the old nhs and I can see how times have changed.
wholeThe whole nhs is under extreme pressure.
widerThe plans in the White Paper aim to deliver a 'wider NHS' that is more responsive to people's needs.
governmentalThe governmental nhs is facing unprecedented challenges.
non"So this was non nhs and they called themselves a community interest company"
currentThe current nhs reforms are designed to improve patient care.
saferI'm not sure what you mean by "safer nhs". Can you please be more specific?
prePre nhs healthcare was a private affair.
entireThe entire nhs came together to help him fight the virus.
ethnicThe ethnic nhs staff are an important part of the healthcare system.
tierThe tier nhs is a great way to get affordable healthcare.
universalThe universal nhs is a healthcare system that provides free healthcare to all UK residents.
historicThe historic nhs hospital is a Grade II listed building.
modernisedThe modernised nhs will provide better care for patients.
liquidLiquid nhs helps to cure a variety of ailments.
freshThe doctors at Oxford have developed a new way to treat cancer using fresh nhs blood.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive nhs provides a wide range of health services to people in the United Kingdom.
unifiedWith the unified nhs patients can access care more easily and quickly.
gaseousThe gaseous nhs can be used to create a variety of materials.
contemporaryThe contemporary nhs is facing a number of challenges, including an ageing population and increasing demand for services.
digDig nhs is a website and app that helps people find NHS services.
warWar nhs dwuw heg veh ndp
excessThe patient had excess nhs activity, indicating a possible infection.
improvedImproved nhs funding means more life-saving treatments and shorter waiting times.
pooledHe referred to the data as pooled nhs data.
modemThe modem nhs allows you to connect to the internet.
nerveThe nurse rang the nerve nhs at 10:04.
heatedThe heated nhs dispute over pay and conditions rumbles on.
strappedThe strapped nhs is struggling to cope with the increasing demand for services.
integratedThe integrated nhs will provide more joined-up care, with better communication between different parts of the system.

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