Adjectives for Nick

Adjectives For Nick

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nick, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'nick' can be transformed in meaning when paired with adjectives, each bringing its own nuance and color to the term. An 'old nick' conjures an image of something or someone with a rich history or a sense of wear, while a 'small nick' might imply a slight, almost imperceptible flaw. 'Little nick' can suggest a diminutive blemish or an affectionate diminution. The addition of 'good' or 'young' can inject a sense of positivity or freshness, whereas 'poor nick' might evoke sympathy for a less fortunate state. These adjectives significantly alter our perception and understanding of 'nick,' inviting us to explore the depth and breadth of language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enhance and elucidate 'nick' below.
oldDon't try to pull the wool over old Nick's eyes.
smallI only had a small nick on my finger, but it wouldn't stop bleeding.
littleLittle nick loves to play in the park.
goodThe car is in good nick after the repairs.
youngYoung nick ran through the park, his laughter echoing in the air.
poorThe house was in poor nick and hadn't been touched in years.
tinyHe had a tiny nick on his face.
slightI got a slight nick on my finger while cooking.
dearDear nick I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude for your help with the recent project.
rightThat shirt is just the right nick for you.
deepHis deep nick left a permanent scar on his face.
bigBig nick was a big guy, but he had a big heart
jollyJolly nick arrived with a sack full of presents.
veryThe very nick of time.
slightestThe slightest nick on the surface of the glass caused it to shatter.
strandedThe stranded nick in the DNA strand prevented the polymerase from continuing replication.
shapedThe beard was shaped nick
strandThe strand nick ligase repairs strand nicks but not abasic sites in mammalian cells.
honestHonest nick convinced me that I could invest now and be a millionaire in a few years.
fineThe antique car had been restored to a fine nick
sorrySorry nick I can't help you with that.
interestingYou have an interesting nick
sharpThe sharp nick on the blade left a small cut on his finger.
olderMy older nick is a parent who is wise and experienced.
mereThe mere nick on his arm did not deter him from continuing his adventure.
badThe old car was in bad nick
woodedThe wooded nick was a great place to hide.
minuteThe minute nick on his lip was barely noticeable.
wonderfulI found a wonderful nick in the forest.
belovedI gave my beloved nick a big hug.
youngerYounger nick certainly knows a thing or two about DIY projects.
blitzThe blitz nick turned the game around for the winning team.
smallestThe smallest nick on his fingertip was bleeding profusely.
dearestDearest nick I hope this letter finds you well.
shallowThe shallow nick on his arm was still bleeding slightly.
oleOle nick is a common nickname for the devil.
handsomeHandsome nick adjusted his pocket square with precision.
preciseHe used a precise nick to cut the wire.
tricksomeWith a tricksome nick the thief escaped through the narrow alley.
transientThe transient nick on his cheek quickly healed, leaving no trace of the injury.
readyReady nick bucks for a good time.
novelThe novel nick in the argument was not well received by the audience.
bareThe child went bare nick and dashed outside
telltaleThe telltale nick on the knife blade matched the one on the victim's wound.
pleasantI had a very pleasant nick with my coworker.
quickShe gave him a quick nick on the cheek.
curtThe curt nick on his chin was a reminder of the bar fight the night before.
infernalThe infernal nick had no place in the holy land.
funnyHe's a funny nick in our class.
skinnySkinny nick ran quickly through the crowded street.
bloodyI've cut myself and now I have a bloody nick
splendidHe was feeling splendid nick after a good night's sleep.
techI need to ask the tech nick to fix my computer.

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