Adjectives for Nights

Adjectives For Nights

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nights, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'nights' carries with it a canvas waiting to be painted with the vivid strokes of adjectives. The use of adjectives like 'few,' 'many,' 'sleepless,' 'several,' 'long,' and 'cold' with 'nights' can significantly alter the atmosphere of a sentence, evoking everything from a sense of fleeting time to the unbearable length of absence or discomfort. A 'few nights' may hint at a brief but significant period, while 'cold nights' summon the chill that seeps into the bones, affecting not just the physical state but also the emotional landscape. The magic lies in how these adjectives can transform 'nights' from mere time into an experience, rich with context and emotion. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that color nights and their usage in sentences below.
fewI only slept a few nights last week.
manyI have gazed up at the stars through my bedroom window many nights
sleeplessI spent countless sleepless nights worrying about the upcoming exam.
severalI stayed up several nights to finish the project.
longThe long nights sometimes make me feel lonely.
coldThe cold nights made it hard to sleep.
darkThe dark nights made it hard to see.
mostMost nights he would come home tired from work.
lastI stayed up late last nights working on a project.
lateShe stayed up during late nights studying for her final exam.
successiveI worked on my project for two successive nights
clearOn clear nights the sky glittered with a thousand stars.
wholeI stayed up for whole nights working on the project.
coolWe've been having cool nights recently.
consecutiveI stayed up for three consecutive nights to finish the project.
arabianThe Arabian nights told tales of magic, adventure, and love.
hotThe hot nights made it difficult to sleep.
nextI'll see you next nights
warmThe warm nights brought a sense of peace and tranquility.
lonelyThe lonely nights stretched out before me like an endless abyss.
pastI've been having trouble sleeping these past nights
restlessI've been having a lot of restless nights lately.
stormyThe stormy nights made it difficult to sleep.
previousI can't believe I slept so poorly for so many previous nights
badI had some bad nights while traveling to a conference.
frostyThe icy air nipped at exposed skin as people scurried home under the frosty nights
moonlessThe moonless nights were filled with the sounds of crickets and frogs.
rainyThe sound of the rain hitting the pavement on rainy nights is very calming.
quietI savour the tranquility of quiet nights
alternateWe agreed to meet every other night during alternate nights
starryWe stood under the starry nights and made a wish.
calmThe calm nights were a welcome respite from the heat of the day.
chillyThe chilly nights made us huddle closer around the campfire.
wakefulThe wakeful nights had taken their toll on her appearance.
brightThe bright nights illuminated the sky with a vibrant glow.
endlessI spent endless nights thinking about you.
wildThere were wild nights where we danced until dawn.
darkestIn the darkest nights the stars shine brightest.
windyThe windy nights howled like a banshee.
wetThe smell of petrichor filled the air on wet nights
cloudyDuring cloudy nights the stars are hidden behind a thick veil.
subsequentHis restlessness grew with each of the subsequent nights
coldestThe coldest nights are always the ones you remember the most.
dryI like to stay up late on dry nights and watch the stars.
wearyAfter weary nights of toil, we finally reached the promised land.
bitterI can't wait for the bitter nights to end.
countlessI've spent countless nights staring at the stars.
longerThe longer nights of autumn are a welcome change from the long, hot days of summer.
stillUnder the starry sky, the still nights hummed with the secrets of the universe.
wintryAs the wintry nights drew in, the village took on an ethereal glow.
foggyThick layers of fog obscured the city's skyline on foggy nights
silentThe silent nights were a time for reflection.
sultryThe sultry nights bring forth a sense of mystery and allure.
terribleI couldn't sleep much last night due to the terrible nights
occasionalHe would come to visit on occasional nights
tropicalThe tropical nights were a welcome relief from the heat of the day.
worstI've had better worst nights
moonlitUnder the moonlit nights we whispered secrets that only the stars could hear.
busyThe restaurant was packed on busy nights
wonderfulWe had wonderful nights filled with laughter and joy.
dampThe damp nights made the air thick and heavy.
coolerThe cooler nights are a welcome relief from the summer heat.
happyWe had happy nights together.
flyThe fly nights were teeming with drunken revelers.
miserableI spent countless miserable nights worrying about the future.
starlitI love the soft glow of the moon on starlit nights
balmyThe balmy nights were perfect for stargazing.
cloudlessThe cloudless nights were perfect for stargazing.
drearyThe dreary nights seemed endless as the wind howled outside.

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