Adjectives for Nil

Adjectives For Nil

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing nil, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'nil' highlights the diversity and depth of contexts it can inhabit. For instance, 'further nil' suggests an extension beyond what is already considered nothing, adding layers to the concept of absence. 'Non nil', seemingly contradictory, emphasizes a specific type of nothingness, often aligned with expectations of presence. 'Kasr nil', less commonly encountered, introduces an exotic or specialized nuance, pointing towards a particular kind of void. 'Constant nil' evokes a relentless, unchanging emptiness, while 'special nil' hints at a unique or distinguished form of nothingness. 'Eau nil', capturing an essence of purity or dilution, rounds out this exploration of voids. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'nil' below, uncovering the subtleties each adds to the void.
furtherShe didn't need to take the matter further nil
nonThe amount is non nil
constantThe constant nil is a special value in Ruby that represents the absence of a value.
specialI had to perform a special nil operation to fix the configuration.
eauThe water was a light pale green, the color of eau nil
emptyAn empty nil unset void purposeless nothingness.
illKatie felt ill nil effects after taking the medicine.
totalThe total nil out of fifty made the viewer wonder if the team ever practiced.
twoThe score was two nil
patientThe patient nil is not responding to treatment.
bintI saw a bint nil on the beach.
oneThe score was one nil
aboveThe sum was above nil
remedyHere is a simple sentence containing the phrase 'remedy nil': This remedy is nil and no good.
threeThe team won the match by three nil
practicalThe practical nil results from the experiment are inconclusive.
hautLe Haut nil est un État du Soudan du Sud.
negativeThe committee found negative nil evidence of corruption.
availableThe product is available nil
sixThe score was a resounding six nil
worthThat property is worth nil buyer beware.
worstThe worst nil is better than the best something.
unvaryingThe unvarying nil of existence is a profound mystery.
specifySpecify nil if you don't want to reset the counter.
nighThe nigh nil attendance was due to the inclement weather.
absoluteThe book was of absolute nil interest to me.
longerThe queue had grown longer nil since I had left hours earlier.
omnipresentThe omnipresent nil permeated every aspect of existence.
latinLatin nil nihil fit, or in English, out of nothing, nothing comes.
100The score was 100 nil
pretentiousnessThis restaurant's menu is very pretentiousness nil
infectedThe infected nil ravaged the country, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.
oliveThe olive nil is a very rare bird that is found only in the rainforests of South America.
fourThe match ended four nil
dramaticThe news was greeted with dramatic nil
derDer nil fließt durch Ägypten.
answerPlease answer nil
unhappyThe unhappy nil was confused.
tenThe match ended with a score of ten nil
prettyThe turnout these days is pretty nil
congoCongo nil is the scientific name for the Congo eel.
250The match ended with a score of 250 nil

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